Money. Money. Money.


Money. Something we all need, but never seem to have enough of. Am I right?

Being someone who has a strong interest in the arts (television, music, movies and writing), I know that many jobs in that field are a lot harder than they seem. It’s not like they’re all fun and games. HOWEVER, I strongly believe that celebrities get paid a bit too much at times.

I mean, you have people who work as many hours as they can, at minimum wage, just to make ends meet. All work, no play. Then you have those of us who make more than minimum wage, but not quite enough to live on our own (thanks Miami). Then you have celebrities who work six months out of the year and have multiple homes in multiple cities, 24k gold toilets, multiple cars, etc. How, you ask, are they able to do this? I shall explain my theory!

I work 80 hours a week and I’m constantly working for eight hours a day. I don’t get breaks. Now, I make more than minimum wage, but I struggle at times. I’m also a full time student. Unfortunately, living in Miami, it’s pretty impossible to live on your own due to the skyrocketing cost of rent. Communities are adding more and more gorgeous apartment complexes that single people can’t afford. The nerve! I have a car, insurance, cell phone, student loans, etc. (as most people do). So why, when I’m struggling and sometimes living paycheck to paycheck, do I have to sulk because I can’t afford that $50 pair of jeans I desperately need?

Well, that’s because companies love sending celebrities free swag in an attempt to draw in more customers who want to dress like said celebrity! Does this confuse anyone except myself? Like I said, people assume that jobs in the arts are easy, but that’s not always the case. I’m no hater, and I give credit where credit is due. Find someone who doesn’t listen to music, watch TV or movies. It’s impossible! The arts are an extremely important part of our lives. To those who make $26,000 a year and struggle to buy clothes and groceries are competing with celebrities who make $51 million a year. So why should that celebrity be given free swag when they can afford it much easier than others who could only dream to make that kind of money?

I remember going YouTube happy after meeting The Script a few years ago. I saw a video where they discussed their income. Whether it’s true or not, I’m not sure, but I’ll share with you anyway! Danny, the lead singer, mentioned that Mark, the guitarist, handles their finances. They had accounts set up and were direct deposited a certain amount every two weeks or so. In other words, this band paid themselves the way people with regular jobs get paid. They didn’t take huge amounts of money and install Swarovski encrusted refrigerators in their kitchens or 24k gold toilets in their bathrooms. They work hard for their money and they live the way we do. I’m sure they don’t have 5 homes collecting dust while some people can’t afford to pay their rent.

Enough with my rant. I just needed to speak my mind, and I really feel that instead of giving winners of reality TV shows thousands of dollars, that money could go to more important things. Rather than companies handing out boxes upon boxes of free swag to celebrities who can afford to pay for it easily, make them more affordable for those of us who also work hard and still don’t make enough money to afford one of those boxes. Just a thought!


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