Day 6 of My Favorite Things


In light of today being opening day for baseball, I’m brought to another one of my favorite things…watching sports games.  I was born in NJ and grew up as a Yankees fan.  We moved to FL when I was young and I also grew to love the Marlins.

Are you confused by this?  It wouldn’t be the first time! LOL! You are absolutely allowed to like two teams…especially since they’re in different leagues!  So don’t judge!

Being a Marlins fan, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing people.  My niece and I went to FanFest a few years ago and met some of my greatest friends. We even kinda became friends with some of the player’s wives, who are absolutely awesome!  One of my favorite people that used to play for us is John Baker.  Talk about an all around great person with an equally great wife and family.  It’s things like that (being a great person) that make you want to follow a player’s career regardless of what team they play for down the road.

Sports and great people…yes, please!

I also love going to basketball and football games, so I’m not leaving anyone out!  There’s just something about being at a game in a packed stadium (well maybe not “packed” for the Marlins unfortunately), that makes the game even more exciting.  Hearing how loud everyone gets and rooting for your team with a bunch of strangers?  Not sure it gets any better than that!



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