About Me


Hi everyone! Welcome to According to Kristin!


As you might have guessed, I’m Kristin…a New Jersey born, Miami, FL implant (without implants). As a self-proclaimed nerd, pop culture junkie who loves music, writing, television, movies and sports, I can be pretty opinionated. I decided to create this blog in order to gain experience for future job opportunities and really started to enjoy posting about some of my favorite things.

Here’s a little bit about me. I was born in 1984 and love all things 80’s. Having been born in a decade with some of the greatest music, I fell in love for the first time…with said music. I’ve been called the human jukebox due to my incessant need to know who’s singing every song I hear. Basically, I’m pretty close to being the human Shazaam lol.

I also began to love television and movies, and typically find myself trying to figure out what the character’s next moves will be. With my passion for writing, it made sense for me to jump on board with Variety Radio Online in order to put all of this to good use! Two of my good friends began doing On Air reviews for the site and introduced me. Thankfully, I was welcomed by the whole VRO family and have been doing TV/Movie reviews, On Air reviews and interviews for them since May 2014. Not only has it introduced me to some amazing new friends, but it’s giving me an incredible amount of experience.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy my posts and check back in often!


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