@Thisfunktional’s 2016 WALK TO END LUPUS Team Fundraiser

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Written by Jesus Figueroa

It’s that time of year again to start the fundraising for the 2016 Walk to End Lupus.

I just created Thisfunktional’s team page and after reading up a bit and seeing everything that the Lupus Foundation of America does Team Thisfunktional will be having a goal of becoming a Trailblazer to End Lupus.

To become a Trailblazer means the team is dedicated to trying to raise $1,000 or more to help research the cause of and hopefully prevention or treatment of Lupus.

This will be the third year Thisfunktional is doing the Walk to End Lupus and through the years I’ve met some amazing people who donate and fundraise year-after-year to help family members, friends or co-workers who live with Lupus and some who have had family members, friends or workers who have passed away because of this mysterious autoimmune disease.

For me, my twin brother was diagnosed and I have seen how Lupus affects a person diagnosed with Lupus. The person may not always show symptoms, but when Lupus flares up it can cause an energetic, strong person to be bedridden, tired or in pain from doing common every day activities which were once easy to do.

The biggest fear for someone living with Lupus and the family members and friends is that Lupus can lead to organ failure and death.

Lupus is a mysterious disease because there still hasn’t been any explanation or cause to how people get it and there hasn’t been any medication found that can cure or prevent it.

Many with Lupus take medication which help reduce the affects of flare ups and after 50 years of research a second treatment option has be introduced, but still there’s very little known of the disease.

Please help spreading the word about the dangers of Lupus or by donating, joining the team or sharing the team page: support.lupus.org/goto/ThisfunktionalTeam.