If you think you haven’t heard of this band yet, chances are you’re wrong.  Some of their songs have been featured in video games, commercials, TV show promos and movies.  If, by some odd chance, you haven’t heard said songs, I can guarantee you will soon.


X Ambassadors consists of members Sam Harris, Casey Harris, Noah Feldshuh (Update: Noah Feldshuh took an indefinite hiatus from the band in 2016) and Adam Levin.  They’re an alternative band from Ithaca, New York who have an amazing, authentic sound to them.  Blending rock, soul and hip hop vibes that create an unconventional sound is what draws you in, and their lyrics get you hooked.  Thankfully (for us), they were discovered by Imagine Dragons lead singer, Dan Reynolds, after he heard an acoustic version of “Unconsolable” on the radio.  What makes them extra unique is that lead singer, Sam, and pianist, Casey, are brothers and Casey was born blind.  This didn’t stop him from living the dream and helping to create this dynamic sound.

Luckily, X Ambassadors recently released their first full album, entitled VHS (track list below) and it definitely doesn’t disappoint.

On a personal note, prior to the release of their album, my eleven year old niece introduced me to their song, Unsteady.  I immediately loved it, but a few weeks later, my dad was diagnosed with end stage liver cancer.  As we sat in hospice waiting for him to stop fighting, I found comfort in the song.  I tweeted about it and found that other fans had similar experiences with the song, and I even got a response from the band showing support for my family and I.  So, not only is their music great to listen to, the band itself is humble enough to show support to those of us who support them!

Here’s the track listing for VHS and you can buy the album on iTunes here:

1. Y2K Time Capsule (Interlude)
2. Renegades
3. Moving Day (Interlude)
4. Unsteady
5. Hang On
6. Gorgeous
7. First Show (Interlude)
8. Fear (feat. Imagine Dragons)
9. Smoke (Interlude)
10. Nervous
11. Low Life (feat. Jamie N Commons)
12. Adam & Noah’s Priorities (Interlude)
13. B.I.G.
14. Feather
15. Superpower
16. Loveless
17. Jungle (feat. Jamie N. Commons)
18. Good News On the Remix (Interlude)
19. Naked
20. VHS Outro (Interlude)

Also, check out this video of an acoustic version of one of my favorite songs on the album:

X Ambassadors Official Site


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