@Thisfunktional talks with ‘Sicario’ actor Julio Cedilla


Written by Jesus Figueroa

Actor Julio Cedilla played Fausto Alarcon in a climactic scene in “Sicario” where main character Alejandro, played by Benicio del Toro.

Although it is just once scene for Cedilla, its a scene that held much importance and that the entire story less up to.

“You don’t over think it. It’s a piece of composition,” Cedilla said. “I was very fortunate to be cast in this film. I had originally said no because it was a different kind of scene.”

The role was re-written for Cedilla to accept it.

Director Denis Villeneuve wanted Cedilla to play the role and called Cedilla to find out why he didn’t want to play him.

Cedilla said the scene which he originally read was more violent, more bloody and there was no redeeming quality to Fausto.

“I didn’t want to be a token Mexican, playing a Mexican role, in a film where Mexicans get it in the end,” Cedilla said.

Villeneuve understood the concerns and was able to modify the role to take it away from a cliché climax.

Cedilla went to shoot the scene and felt he had walked into something special.

Working with Villeneuve and del Toro made the scene to him that much more glorified.

“Every one was very thoughtful and respectful,” Cedilla said. “Benecio is very inclusive. He makes you feel like you are part of the team.”

The scene was re-written and became something that Cedilla could really feel comfortable to be a part of.

“The feeling that got to me when we did the first take was ‘oh shit, this is intense,’ you feel whats going on,” Cedilla said.

Cedilla was able to feel the scene unfold and become the character.

The scene was directly with del Toro and Cedilla was able to react off the incredible acting talent.

“With actors like Benicio, you don’t have to imagine anything. It feels real,” Cedilla said.

The scene comes late in the film, but for those who follow the storyline it all comes down to what happens in that one scene.

The scene culminates the intense scenes throughout the film into this confrontation.

It is never clear if this is where the story will lead, but coming to this scene seems like a logical transition.

It plays out and feels very real.

“I’m only shooting part of the puzzle. I don’t know in the end how it’s going turn out,” Cedilla said. “Leaving the scene after we shot it was no big deal. Leaving the theater after I saw it that is what you were feeling and I was feeling. That’s a collective experience., that’s a testament to the people who are nurturing and taking care of the story all the way through.”

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