the-secret-life-of-pets-movie[1]Hey guys!

So I finally made it out to the movies last night to see ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ and it was hilarious! Everything about it was great…the graphics, the storyline, the comedic aspect. It’s definitely a great movie to see with the family. My niece, who is 12, wanted to see The Purge instead but she actually really liked this one! If you’re a pet owner who wonders what your pet does when you leave the house, you’ll really get a kick out of this movie! Max (Louis C.K.) and Duke (Eric Stonestreet) don’t like each other at first, but when they’re almost captured by Animal Control, they need the help of their neighborhood friends to help save them from the villain bunny, Snowball (Kevin Hart). The dialogue is hilarious in this movie from start to finish!

So head on out to the theater with the family and check it out! Let me know what you think!

SYNOPSIS: A terrier named Max’s quiet life is upended when his owner takes in Duke, a stray whom Max instantly dislikes.

Director: Yarrow Cheney and Chris Renaud
Writers: Cinco Paul, Ken Daurio and Brian Lynch
Cast: Louis C.K., Eric Stonestreet, Kevin Hart, Jenny Slate, Ellie Kemper, Albert Brooks, Lake Bell, Dana Carvey, Hannibal Buress, Bobby Moynihan, Chris Renaud, Steve Coogan

‘The Secret Life of Pets’ is NOW PLAYING in theaters and Real D 3-D