@Thisfunktional Movie Review: SOMEWHERE BEAUTIFUL

SOMEWHERE BEAUTIFUL Shows Something Good among the Chaos of Life

Written by Jesus Figueroa (@Thisfunktional)

“Somewhere Beautiful” takes audiences through the journeys of two people at different points of their romantic life.

The movie is shot beautifully as each frame can possibly be a framed photograph, the story is detailed and can be slow at points, but the ending is rewarding.

Elena, played by María Alche, finds herself with new feelings for as she accompanies her photographer husband, played by Anthony Bonaventura, and his guide, played by Pablo Cedrón, who turns out to be a worldly, knowledgeable guy who Elena is impressed by.

Alche is a great actress that subtly brings out soft emotions which keep the audience guessing her character’s intentions. She is great along side both Bonaventura and Cedrón.

Bonaventura is dry in his delivery of his lines. He brings a sternness and facial expressions which help the audience connect with his character.

Cedrón is charismatic and suave with a mature rough look. He contrasts the clean stoic Bonaventura.

Film director Albert, played by Albert Kodagolian, comes home to find his wife gone and his mother taking care of his child.

Kodagolian wrote, directed and starred in this movie. With so much going on he still delivers a a marvelous performance.

Albert goes through some turmoil as his marriage falls apart slowly.

The stories are weaved together which contrasts the stories and yet finds a similarity in each.

I give this drama 5 out of 5 Popcorns. The performances in this movie are spectacular and the flow is always moving forward. Writer-director Albert Kodagolian created a spectacular story and was able to find the right cast, fantastic locations and a good direction to take the movie in.


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