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Ok, let me first say that this trailer captured my attention immediately when it was released. Not just because my niece has had a crush on Nick Robinson since Jurassic World either. It was because I actually felt the chemistry between Nick Robinson and Amandla Stenberg in a trailer that was less than three minutes long.

With that being said, I went into the screening for this movie having NOT read the book, so I have nothing to compare it to, but now I definitely want to read it!

I thought the film was GREAT! I had a preconceived notion that it would be the typical young, teen angst/love story where you end up sobbing into a box of tissues because you can most definitely predict the outcome.

Spoiler alert: I was wrong. For the most part anyway.

The movie follows a young girl, Maddy, who has just turned 18 and has never left her house due to an illness called Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID). Basically her immune system sucks and can’t fight off even the most mild of infections or allergies. Her life is turned upside down when a cutie pie, Olly, moves in next door and has his eyes set on her from the beginning. He awakens her need to know what it’s like to truly live outside the confines of her home.

The casting for this movie was fantastic. Nick Robinson and Amandla Stenberg had great chemistry. When their characters felt awkward, it was obvious. When they developed feelings for each other, you could feel it. When worry and confusion set in, you felt that too. There were funny moments combined with sad moments, mixed with a little worry and anxiety about whether Maddy (Amandla Stenberg) would live or die, and it all marinated into a beautiful story about falling in love and truly living your life.

Sure, there could have been a bit more character development that I’m sure was missing from the book to film adaptation, but I still thought it was a solid movie that I would most definitely see again. Perhaps an extra 30 minutes might have done the trick. Even so, my brother, who is a 37-year-old man that literally hates chick flicks even said it was a very good movie. I’m looking at all you guys that think it’s uncool to watch movies like this hahaha. I promise you, it’s okay! 

If it’s any consolation to you book lovers out there, my niece’s friend saw the movie with me and she’d read the book. She said they stuck to the book for the most part. I can not confirm nor deny that personally, but I will definitely check the book out now to fill in any blanks I might have had while watching the movie (and there weren’t many).

So go out with your friends and family to check out Everything, Everything in theaters May 19! You won’t regret it!

You should also check out the novel of the same title by Nicola Yoon (like I’m going to do)!

Have you seen it yet? When you do, let me know what you thought!

EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING | Movie Trailer | #everythingeverything


Hey, movie fans!

I’m a sucker for YA novels, so I’m stoked that this movie is about to be released! Not just because my twelve-year-old niece wants to see Nick Robinson (Jurassic World) on-screen again either lol. Based on the YA novel by Nicola Yoon, this film looks like a cute, yet heartbreaking film about young love and self-discovery.

Will you be checking it out when it’s released? Let me know!

SYNOPSIS: A teenager who’s lived a sheltered life because she’s allergic to everything, falls for the boy who moves in next door.



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NARCOS: SEASON 1 | En Blu-Ray, Digital HD y DVD el 23 de Agosto


El Nominado al Premio de Oro® ,Wagner Moura, Interpreta a Pablo Escobar en esta Serie Aclamada por la Crítica que llega en Blu-ray y DVD el 23 de Agosto de la mano de Lionsgate


DE070BE9-BAE4-4CD0-A666-2ABA127F83CBSumérgete en el mundo del narcotraficante colombiano Pablo Escobar con la llegada de Narcos: Season 1 en Blu-rayTM (más Digital HD) y DVD (más Digital) el 23 de agosto de la mano de Lionsgate. Producida por Gaumont Television, Narcos: Season 1 está protagonizada por Wagner Moura (Elysium) en una actuación interpretando al legendario Escobar por la que fue nominado al Premio de Oro®. La serie sigue al protagonista mientras trata de esquivar a los dos agentes de la DEA que acabarán provocando la caída del famoso cartel de Medellín. En la serie también aparecen Boyd Holbrook (Gone Girl), Pedro Pascal (“Game of Thrones” de HBO), Luis Guzmán (de la serie televisiva “Code Black”), Bruno Bichir (de la serie televisiva “The Bridge”) y Ana de la Reguera (de la serie televisiva “Jane The Virgin”).

Con actuaciones electrizantes y secuencias de acción cargadas de suspense cardíaco, esta serie nominada al Premio de Oro® muestra la verdadera historia del auge de los carteles internacionales de la cocaína y la batalla que libran las fuerzas del orden para frenarlos. En el corazón del conflicto están Pablo Escobar (Moura), el conocido narcotraficante colombiano, y los dos agentes de la DEA enviados para derrocarle, Steve Murphy (Holbrook) y Javier Peña (Pascal).

El lanzamiento en los hogares de Narcos: Season 1 incluye tres cortometrajes nuevos: “Establishing the Route”, “The Colombian Connection” y “The Language Barrier” que, a su vez, vendrán acompañados de audio comentarios en episodios seleccionados y en escenas eliminadas. Narcos: Season 1 estará disponible en Blu-ray y DVD con un precio de venta para el consumidor de $29.97 y $29.98, respectivamente.



  • Cortometraje “Establishing the Route”
  • Cortometraje “The Colombian Connection”
  • Cortometraje “The Language Barrier”
  • Escenas Eliminadas
  • Audio comentarios con el Reparto y el Equipo en Episodios Seleccionados

*Sujeto a cambios




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NARCOS: SEASON 1 | Available on Blu-ray, Digital HD & DVD August 23


Golden Globe® Nominee Wagner Moura Stars as Pablo Escobar in the Critically Acclaimed Series on Blu-ray and DVD August 23 from Lionsgate

DE070BE9-BAE4-4CD0-A666-2ABA127F83CBExperience the world of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar when Narcos: Season 1 arrives on Blu-rayTM (plus Digital HD) and DVD (plus Digital) on August 23 from Lionsgate. Narcos: Season 1, produced by Gaumont Television, stars Wagner Moura (Elysium) in a Golden Globe®-nominated performance as the legendary Escobar, following him as he attempts to evade the two DEA agents that brought the famed Medellín Cartel to its knees. The show co-stars Boyd Holbrook (Gone Girl), Pedro Pascal (HBO’s “Game of Thrones”), Luis Guzmán (TV’s “Code Black”), Bruno Bichir (TV’s “The Bridge”), and Ana de la Reguera (TV’s “Jane The Virgin”).

With electrifying performances and action sequences charged with heart-pounding suspense, this Golden Globe®-nominated series follows the true-life story of the rise of international cocaine cartels — and the battle waged by law enforcement to stop them. At the center of the conflict are Pablo Escobar (Moura), the notorious Colombian drug kingpin, and the two DEA agents sent to take him down: Steve Murphy (Holbrook) and Javier Peña (Pascal).

The home entertainment release of Narcos: Season 1 includes three all-new featurettes: “Establishing the Route,” “The Colombian Connection,” and “The Language Barrier,” as well as audio commentaries on select episodes and deleted scenes. Narcos: Season 1 will be available on Blu-ray and DVD for the suggested retail price of $29.97 and $29.98, respectively.



  • “Establishing the Route” Featurette
  • “The Colombian Connection” Featurette
  • “The Language Barrier” Featurette
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Audio Commentary with Cast & Crew on Select Episodes

*Subject to change



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