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I had the chance to sit down and check out Undrafted this weekend and I’m glad I did!

SYNOPSIS: When twelve ragtag teammates set out to play what should be a meaningless summer intramural baseball game, it ends up becoming the most important game of their lives. 

Did I enjoy it? Absolutely! The cast was great, and it honestly didn’t even feel like I was watching a movie. It felt like I was actually there watching these guys out on the field. Now, I’m a baseball fan so I’ve been looking forward to this movie for a while now. Throw in a cast like this and it was sure to be a feel good movie. Based on the true story of John Mazzello (a/k/a Mazetti in the film played by Aaron Tveit – Graceland, Grease Live) and how he was overlooked in the major league draft, this movie follows a motley crew of guys including Dells (Tyler Hoechlin – Teen Wolf, upcoming SuperGirl), Pat Murray (Joseph Mazzello – Jurassic Park, Radio Flyer), Barone (Chase Crawford – Gossip Girl) and Zapata (Manny Montana – Graceland) playing in a game not all seem to take seriously.

This is Mazzello’s directorial debut and while it’s clearly missing the big budget production of other movies, that’s part of what I liked about it! You really find yourself rooting for these guys despite their craziness!

Side note: I’m a big fan of Graceland, which was cancelled WAY too soon, so seeing Manny Montana and Aaron Tveit back on screen together again made me happy!

Check it out and let me know what you think! You can catch it in select theatres OR you can buy/rent it on iTunes now!


Production: Dead Fish Films, Parlay Pictures
Distributor: Vertical Entertainment
Cast: Aaron Tveit, Chace Crawford, Tyler Hoechlin, Joe Mazzello, Philip Winchester, Jay Hayden, Michael Fishman, Billy Gardell, Jim Belushi, Manny Montana, Ryan Pinkston, Duke Davis Roberts
Director/Screenwriter: Joe Mazzello
Producers: Eric Fischer, Brianna Lee Johnson, Joe Mazello
Executive Producers: Tony Romo, Chace Crawford
Director of Photography: Adrian Correia
Production Designer: Anthony Eikner
Editor: Sharon Rutter
Costume Designers: Christopher Lawrence, Sarah Evelyn Bram
Casting: Elizabeth Barnes, Corbin Bronson

#PonleAcento | Adrián González debuts MLB Jersey with proper last name spelling

After 16 years in the big leagues Gold Glove Dodger’s first basemen Adrián González stepped up to the plate with his last name properly spelled for the first time during Monday’s (5/9/16) home game at Dodger Stadium. González has added an accent mark to the “a” in his last name and in an effort to inspire other Latinos within the MLB to do the same González challenged teammate Kiké Hernández prior to the game. Hernández has also joined González and was debuting a new jersey inspired by #PonleAcento.

González may have taken one of the first steps to create this movement but now he invites other Latino MLB players to join the #PonleAcento movement. Let us know if you can share this on your blog and or social media!

Below is the official Tweet Adrián González posted yesterday:

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 9.51.23 PM
To learn more about the #PonleAcento movement, follow Adrián González on social media.

Instagram: @adrian_eltitan
Twitter: @adrian_eltitan
Snapchat: Adrian_eltitan

Day 6 of My Favorite Things


In light of today being opening day for baseball, I’m brought to another one of my favorite things…watching sports games.  I was born in NJ and grew up as a Yankees fan.  We moved to FL when I was young and I also grew to love the Marlins.

Are you confused by this?  It wouldn’t be the first time! LOL! You are absolutely allowed to like two teams…especially since they’re in different leagues!  So don’t judge!

Being a Marlins fan, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing people.  My niece and I went to FanFest a few years ago and met some of my greatest friends. We even kinda became friends with some of the player’s wives, who are absolutely awesome!  One of my favorite people that used to play for us is John Baker.  Talk about an all around great person with an equally great wife and family.  It’s things like that (being a great person) that make you want to follow a player’s career regardless of what team they play for down the road.

Sports and great people…yes, please!

I also love going to basketball and football games, so I’m not leaving anyone out!  There’s just something about being at a game in a packed stadium (well maybe not “packed” for the Marlins unfortunately), that makes the game even more exciting.  Hearing how loud everyone gets and rooting for your team with a bunch of strangers?  Not sure it gets any better than that!