Merry Christmas (Happy Holidays) from According to Kristin!


Wishing all of you a truly fantastic holiday to spend time with your family, friends, fur babies and yourself! Eat lots of cookies, drink tons of wine and smile until your face hurts.

I can’t even begin to describe my appreciation for all of the support I’ve received on According to Kristin this year and I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store!

From my family to yours, have a wonderful Christmas!




April: Day One | Your Biggest Dream



Hey everyone!! I just wanted to thank you all for taking the time to check in on According to Kristin. I truly appreciate the likes, follows, comments and emails!

With that being said, I’m a day late but WELCOME to my birthday month! Yes, I’m that person who thinks the whole month is my month to do what makes me happy lol. I’m a HUGE birthday person in general. I love making my friends feel special on their born day and I love making myself feel special too . . . because we should all be doing that anyway, am I right?

So I decided to do something special for my birthday month. I’ve been wanting to get into writing more original content for the blog and I thought this would be the perfect way to start. School and work have been taking up most of my time, but I’m finally able to dedicate more time to doing what I love . . . writing! I visited Pinterest and looked up writing prompts that might help you all get to know me a bit better, so here goes!

First up . . . “Your biggest dream”

My biggest dream is to be truly happy. I haven’t had it the easiest, especially in recent years. I had my heart broken into a million tiny pieces, I lost my 3 remaining grandparents, my beautiful Golden Retriever Kayla, and my father all in a span of four years. It’s been tough and I battle anxiety at times, but I find that writing helps A LOT.

I’ve been taking creative writing courses (yes, I’m old to still be finishing my Bachelor’s degree, but hey, life happens) and have gotten involved in writing poetry, which was totally out of my comfort zone. I might even gain enough courage to post some of my poems online one day. The process of writing about something that haunts you has been extremely therapeutic for me though!

I’m about to turn 33 and I’m single, I live at home, I have no kids of my own and I don’t get to go out much. Between work, school and literally all of my friends being married with children of their own, it’s hard to put yourself out there. I’m at a point though where I’m ready to start doing that. The plan is to consistently make it to the gym, get back in shape and really find that happiness within myself that I’ve been missing for a bit.

Thankfully, I have According to Kristin and my fellow podcast peeps to keep me busy doing what I find exciting and entertaining. I never thought I’d have a blog to run, so here’s to taking those baby steps towards finding yourself. It’s hard sometimes and there are a ton of speed bumps along the way, but you just have to push through and do what needs to be done no matter what.




The holidays are a special time for all families, and if you are Latino, you know that everyone comes over to celebrate. More than likely your casa is going to be full of family, food, música and tons of suggestions for what to view on TV. Luckily, with Xfinity the entire family can get together and watch a variety of programming in your language of choice, whenever, wherever.


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