@Thisfunktional Roundtable Discussion with Crystal Reed, Robin Lord Taylor GOTHAM Season 4

Written by Jesus Figueroa (@Thisfunktional)

Actors Crystal Reed and Robin Lord Taylor talk with media about “Gotham” season 4, which premiered on Sept. 28.

Reed and Taylor discuss the evolution of relationships on “Gotham,” what allies Taylor would want Penguin to have and how they feels when they get the script for the next episode.

Monday Nights on FOX
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TV Corner w/Keisha & Kristin: Cancellations, Renewals & New Shows – Oh My!

Hey there #TV fans!!
Are you as shocked as we are about some of the TV news this week?! There were so many cancellations on all the networks and we needed to vent! Keisha and I got together to talk about which cancelled shows we were surprised about, which renewals we’re happy about and which new shows we’re looking forward to checking out!
Check out our podcast below and let us know what shows you’re excited about!

TV Corner w/Keisha & Kristin: Cancellations, Renewals & New Shows – Oh My!

Mike of iWatchMike.com chats w/Gotham’s Michelle Veintimilla aka “Firefly”


Mike of iWatchMike.com sits and chats with the awesome Michelle Veintimilla. In the interview they discuss several things including her role as “Bridgit Pike/Firefly” in FOX’s hit series #Gotham. Tune in Monday night for another explosive episode of Gotham.



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Let’s Liveblog Tonight’s Geeky TV: ‘Gotham’ Is Back

Let’s Liveblog Tonight’s Geeky TV: ‘Gotham’ Is Back


Back when we last left Gotham, there was a big pile of unresolved business. Alfred got stabbed by an old friend secretly hired by the corrupt Wayne Industries board to find out what Bruce knows about their shady deals. Fish Mooney’s insane organ farm plotline got weirder. Oh, also, Jim Gordon sold out every principle he had just to screw over Commissioner Loeb! Isn’t it great when this show remembers its central plot line?

Tonight seems to be all about the fallout. Gordon has set himself up as the de facto next president of the police union, by finding the dark secret of Commissioner Loeb. But he had to cut the Penguin a deal to make that happen, and Pengy seems about ready to cash in his favor. Meanwhile, because this show doesn’t have quite enough going on, Gordon and Bullock open up a cold case involving a serial…

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