@Thisfunktional Review: ClarityHD On-Ear Wireless Headphones

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Monster Audio’s ClarityHD are a fantastic gift idea for any traveler or commuter.

Out of the box the headphones need to be charged before being turned on and connected to a device with bluetooth.

The stylish design is also comfortable and sleek.

The true amazement comes with the sound quality that is incredible from the first time used.

While reading the instructions that come with the headphones it says that they only get better with some time.

Listening to audio on low audio levels still provides a clear sound with natural and sound dynamic sound profiles.

The cushions provide a much more comfortable fit than other on-ear headphones. The cushions all around the headphones make it for a snug fit.

The headphones even when pushed to maximum audio levels do not distort the sound, rather the sound stays clear.

The battery life is another great feature as it can last for a long amount of time. While in use they lasted as much as 20 hours and with regular use, on standby and in use, the headphones lasted seven days without having to recharge.

The microphone could be much better. There were complaints that it sounded muffled sometimes and then other times that it sounded soft. It does however serve its purposes.

Overall, the Monster Audio ClarityHD on-ear wireless headphones are well worth the $179.995 price tag. The comfort, style and audio quality are the reasons to buy these headphones.

Available at Walmart, Walmart.com and Monsterproducts.com.

DISCLAIMER: The ClarityHD On-Ear Wireless headphones were given at a discounted price or free by monster Audio for review purposes. The review is still an honest review by the writer, no payment was given to influence the reviewer.

UE Boom 2 Yaqui Day Of The Dead Special Limited Edition Delivers Stunning Design with a Clear Sounding Bluetooth Speaker

UE Boom 2 Yaqui Day Of The Dead Special Limited Edition Delivers Stunning Design with a Clear Sounding Bluetooth Speaker

Written by Jesus Figueroa

The Dia de los Muertos design by artist fit beautifully on a high-quality Bluetooth Boom 2 speaker by Ultimate Ears.

Paired with the UE Boom app the speaker becomes a go to for clear portable sound.

Although this speaker was given to me for free, the $199 price tag for the limited edition Boom 2 seems reasonable, and with the ability to pair multiple speakers to the same device is reason enough to purchase more than one.

One speaker is loud enough to fill a good sized room in a house without distortion, but even at lower audio levels the sound stays clear and audible.

With the app having an equalizer the audio can be adjusted to however the listener likes.

Pairing an iPhone to the speaker was one of the easiest processes — open the app, turn on the speaker, tap on the speaker’s name and accept pairing, users can even name speakers to better organize them.

The battery life is phenomenal. Used sporadically throughout the day the battery lasted the entire day. It was maybe about 7 hours of use and it went down to about 30 percent.

The speaker in itself is beautiful with the colorful Dia de los Muertos design. The material is high quality and a great addition to a living room or bedroom.

The app adds function to the speaker.

The features the app offers merit mention of the app on its own.

UE Boom app offers complete control of the speaker (which includes on and off button), alarm clock features, multiple speaker control, control multiple phone pairing to each speaker and equalized for sound preference.

Upon turning the speaker on a nice drum beat alerts to connection and when turning off a different drum beat alerts to disconnecting .The alarm can be set with a custom playlist right on the app (which uses the music in the music app) or uses the previous song played and can be a higher audio level than regular listening level.

If a user is away from their device, but close to the speaker, several taps and interactions with the speaker control offering functions — the press of a button to turn off and on, taps on the speaker to pause, play, skip or repeat.

The speaker is versatile and beautiful. The design of the limited edition version is fantastic.

The limited edition speaker can only be purchased directly from ultimateears.com/en-us/store/ueboom2#day-of-the-dead.

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