The Chatterbox: Movies – What to Watch


Hey everyone! We had a chance to check out some movies recently, so we thought we’d fill you in on what we thought! Some were hits and some were unfortunately less superior than Sharknado. Yes, you read correctly! Tune in to find out which movies bombed at the theatre and which movies we’re looking forward to checking out!

What have you seen recently?

The Chatterbox: Newest TV Binge [podcast]

Hey guys! Keisha and I recently got together to talk about the shows we’ve been binge watching lately and which shows we’re looking forward to checking out!
Let us know what you’re watching and any suggestions for shows you’d like to hear podcast reviews of!

The Chatterbox: Newest TV Binge! [podcast]

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Real Talk w/Keisha & Kristin – 5/29/16


Hey guys!!

Keisha and I got together to talk about a variety of things this week!  From Johnny Depp and the domestic violence claim against him, Mark Salling and the child pornography charges against him, first-time bikini waxes, LA and Nyle DiMarco winning the mirror ball trophy on Season 22 of Dancing with the Stars!

Disclaimer: Despite our late night rant, neither Keisha or I support domestic violence in ANY way and we DEFINITELY do not condone ANY sort of child pornography no matter who you are!  These are both despicable acts that should not go unpunished (so long as the person is rightfully convicted).  It is always important to know the facts.

So…check out our first Real Talk podcast below and let us know what you thought!  If you have any suggestions for topics you’d like for us to discuss, feel free to leave us a comment!  Thank you for the support!


Real Talk with Keisha & Kristin – 5/29/16 Podcast