The Fall 2017 Theater Bucket List

The Fall 2017 Theater Bucket List

There’s nothing like watching a movie in a theater. No television set can match the big screen, the powerful sound system, the intensity, energy and the uninterrupted focus you can experience in a dark room full of movie fans.

As the year starts winding down, you’ll have many options for a good movie getaway. But make sure to put the following mix of romance, biographical stories, comedy and horror films on your bucket list before the end of the year:


Chavela (MusicBox Distribution): If you love inspiring biographies, you must watch this film that celebrates the life of legendary ranchera singer Chavela Vargas, whose existence and rise to fame was paved with passion, sensational rumors, and headlines about her encounters with celebrities and artists such as Elizabeth Taylor, Ava Gardner, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. The film, which features never-before-seen interview footage of Chavela shot 20 years before her death in 2012, shows how her free spirit and determination to challenge cultural norms in 1950s Mexico made her an icon ahead of her time. In select theaters as of October 4.


Happy Death Day (Universal Pictures): If horror movies are your thing, you can’t miss this one. It even premieres on Friday the 13th! A college student is caught up in a nightmare she can’t seem to escape from as she relives the day of her murder over and over again while she tries to discover her killer’s identity. Get ready to scream on October 13.


The Shape of Water (FOX Searchlight): Director Guillermo del Toro directs this romantic fantastical tale of Elisa, a lonely mute woman who works as a cleaning lady in a remote high-security government lab, whose life changes when she discovers and bonds with a mysterious creature that is part of a classified experiment. In theaters December 8.


Pitch Perfect 3 (Universal Pictures): The Bellas are back! After winning the world championships, the Bellas have split up, but they reunite for an overseas USO tour to make music and some questionable decisions, one last time. Don’t miss the next chapter of Pitch Perfect with Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson on December 22.


Downsizing (Paramount Pictures): Size does matter! Well… if you want to have a better life. That’s the premise of this sci-fi comedy/social satire starring Matt Damon, who is sold on the idea that getting shrunk to 5 inches can save him money, allow him to live a better life and even participate in a solution to over-population in the world by conserving resources. But things may not go as planned, especially when his wife, played by Kristen Wiig, backs out of the deal. Catch the film before it shrinks away on December 22.

@Thisfunktional talks with Tanya Mordacci SHORT + SWEET HOLLYWOOD LATINO

@Thisfunktional talks with Tanya Mordacci SHORT + SWEET HOLLYWOOD LATINO

Written by Jesus Figueroa (@Thisfunktional)

Festival director Tanya Mordacci talks to Jesus Figueroa, @Thisfunktional of, about the debut of “Short + Sweet Hollywood Latino!” The festival of short plays runs August 10 through August 13.

Mordacci discusses the wide variety of the topics that the plays deal with, being new to directing and organizing the festival and brings a surprise along for the interview.

“Short+Sweet,” the biggest, short-play festival in the world will present its first “Short+Sweet Hollywood Latino!” edition as part of the “Short+Sweet Hollywood 2017” season on August 10-13 at the Stella Adler Theater (6773 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028), with Bruno Bichir as its godfather.

The festival will include 13 10-minute plays in Spanish, English and of course, Spanglish that will range in topics, such as faith, immigration, infidelity, murder, treason, jugglers, hookers, luchadores and politics.

The main goal for “Short+Sweet Hollywood Latino!” is to provide a much-needed forum for expression for Latino talent, including Hansel Ramirez, Elena Rojas, Fernanda Kelly, Orlette Ruiz among many other film, TV and theater actors, writers and directors.

Recognizing the endeavor’s importance many celebrity guests will be attending to lend their support.

The program will be divided into two groups, ‘A’ and ‘B’ each day and will alternate order.

Grupo B:
  • Ramera
  • Cuerda
  • Blind Faith
  • The Man at the Next Table
  • El Vago
  • 10 Dollars for a Peso
Grupo A:
  • Inside Sex
  • Todo por un Shampoo
  • Cariño, ya que estás de pie
  • Gram
  • Aprender a Caer
  • Therapy
  • La Nube

The festival’s schedule will go as follows:

  • August 10: 7:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. (Group A, followed by Group B)
  • August 11: 7:30 p.m. -9:15 p.m. (Group B, followed by group A)
  • August 12: 7:30 p.m.-9:15 p.m. (Group A, followed by group B)
  • August 13: 7:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. (Group B, followed by group A)

“’Short+Sweet Hollywood LATINO!’ is fantastic, because it is the first short-play Latino festival being presented in L.A, a culturally-rich and talent-filled city. It will provide a forum for Latino expression and a space where all can melt together, while building a sense of belonging,” festival director Tanya Mordacci said.

Dates for the entire festival have been announced and tickets are available now for purchase.
To keep up with latest news, follow the festival on its official Facebook Fan Page.

@Thisfunktional Theater Review: MEN ON THE VERGE OF HIS-PANIC BREAKDOWN

@Thisfunktional Theater Review: MEN ON THE VERGE OF HIS-PANIC BREAKDOWN

Written by Jesus Figueroa (@Thisfunktional)

There’s no explosions, there’s no additional cast, but there is multiple fascinating characters in “Men on the Verge of His-Panic Breakdown,” at West Hollywood’s Macha Theatre every weekend until June 25.

His-Panic actor Armando Rey puts on a stellar performance as he transforms into different characters to perform several different monologues of various Latino immigrants dealing with transcultural shock of race and gender identity. Continue reading “@Thisfunktional Theater Review: MEN ON THE VERGE OF HIS-PANIC BREAKDOWN”

“Backpack” the FIRST Spanish clip for Open Road Film’s upcoming movie ‘DOPE’ is here!!

Check it out movie fans!

“Backpack” the FIRST Spanish clip for Open Road Film’s upcoming movie DOPE is live!! The film hits theaters June 19, 2015 starring Zoe Kravitz, Tony Revolori, Quincy Brown, among others!

But wait…there’s more. Details on how you can win #DOPEMovie screening passes to my very own screening here in Houston on Tuesday, June 16. Check out