Halsey was introduced to me by my niece and we were lucky enough to see her live when she opened up for Imagine Dragons here in Ft. Lauderdale earlier this month.

Although she doesn’t have a full length album out just yet, never fear…it’s on the way!  Halsey’s first LP, entitled Badlands is set for release on August 28, 2015 and I’m sure it will do extremely well.

Until then, you can check out her Vevo channel and you can also preview some of her previously released singles from her Room 93 EP as well as a few singles from the upcoming LP.

Looking for suggestions?  I’m loving ‘Hold Me Down’, ‘Ghost‘ and ‘New Americana.’  Another song of hers to look out for is called ‘Castle’ which has yet to be release, but it was incredible live.

ALSO…keep an eye out for more tour dates for the Badlands Tour coming soon!

Find her here:

Official Site
Badlands Tour Dates

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