Check Out The Upcoming ‘Walking Dead’ Mobile Game, Featuring The Voice Of Norman Reedus

Niiiiiiice!!!! I’m still holding out hope that Silent Hills will work out somehow though!


Norman Reedus will no longer be starring in Silent Hills, but does that mean he’s done with survival horror games altogether? Thankfully not, as it turns out he’s voicing his Walking Dead alter-ego Daryl Dixon in the surprisingly decent-looking mobile game The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land.

No Man’s Land wisely doesn’t go the action route, which doesn’t work very well on phones. Instead it appears to be a strategy RPG, with some fairly decent production values. According to the publishers, one of the big focuses of the game will be managing your party of survivors. Decide who gets to join, what jobs to assign them, what to equip them with and so on – play God to your sick heart’s content. From what I can tell, Reedus as Daryl will serve as a guide of sorts.

Will The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land supplant the Telltale’s episodic…

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