Mike of iWatchMike.com chats w/Gotham’s Michelle Veintimilla aka “Firefly”


Mike of iWatchMike.com sits and chats with the awesome Michelle Veintimilla. In the interview they discuss several things including her role as “Bridgit Pike/Firefly” in FOX’s hit series #Gotham. Tune in Monday night for another explosive episode of Gotham.



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‘Hank Trujillo Memorial Free PX’ Donation Drive


Hey everyone!

As you may, or may not, know…my dad, Hank Trujillo, passed away unexpectedly on May 20, 2015.  He was a Vietnam veteran, who was actively involved with the Transport Workers Union Veterans Committee.  This particular committee dedicated a lot of their time traveling to help all military members, Veterans and their families.

One organization that was dear to my dad’s heart was Operation Military Embrace.  Operation Military Embrace is a non-profit military support organization that provides new items to severely wounded soldiers and their families via donations.  This drive takes place in December, right before the holidays.  He, and the rest of the committee (his second family) would travel to San Antonio, Texas to help out with the donations and to visit these families.

We were honored to learn that Operation Free PX was renamed in my dad’s honor beginning this year.  It is now known as ‘Hank Trujillo Memorial Free PX.’  As I mentioned, this donation drive was very dear to my dad’s heart, and I’d like to try and get them some extra donations this year.

Please feel free to share this post wherever you can, and tell your friends and family about it.  You can visit the links below for more information regarding items that are needed.

TWU Local 568 ‘ Hank Trujillo Memorial Free PX’ Donation Drive

Operation Military Embrace

For new donated items, please see your Veterans Committee Representative (you can contact me via email for this information) for shipment or send to the TWU ATD office at:

1791 Hurstview Drive
Hurst, TX 76054-3430

Monetary donations can be donated online by going to the OME website above through their PayPal portal.

Checks can be made payable to OME and sent to:

Operation Military Embrace
P.O. Box 149
Hockley, Texas 77447-0149

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!  If you do happen to make a donation to the organization (and I hope you do), please make sure to include that your donation is in memory of Hank Trujillo.

– Kristin