PENTATONIX: World Tour 2016 (Review)

Hey there music fans!!  I wanted to take the time to talk about an amazing show I saw last night in Sunrise, FL and why it was so amazing!

We got to the BB&T Center to pick up our tickets and found out that our seats had been upgraded. Woot woot!  An up-and-coming artist named AJ opened up and was followed by Us the Duo, who were absolutely amazing!!

Pentatonix (Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, Kirstin Maldonado, Kevin Olusola and Avi Kaplan) came out and showed the crowd why they’re putting a cappella on the map!  Their voices together are insane.  I was actually surprised to see how many loyal fans they seemed to have here in Miami because the fans down here are known to be fickle.  Every song they played was sung right back to them with such enthusiasm, it really made me happy to see.  As a former chorus nerd (& proud), I know how difficult it is to sing a cappella, so to see Pentatonix succeed at the rate they’re succeeding is definitely something to commend. They’re not just singing along to a track someone else made.  They have to lay out an intricate plan for each member to ensure the quality of sound they’re known for.  Definitely not your typical artist, and they deserve a ton of recognition for that. Each member brings something different to the table, and if you think Kevin is just a beatboxer, check him out playing the cello! Incredible!

The vocals were on point, the stage show didn’t overpower the group and the crowd was great.  The only “annoying” part about the show was the workers going around stopping people from taking pictures or videos.  On one hand I get it…you can’t truly experience the show behind your phone, but I like to have a few pictures and videos to relive the memories from the show in the future.  In any case, I managed to get a few pictures before having to put my camera away:


And this picture was posted by Us the Duo on Twitter following the show.  They came out and performed “If I Ever Fall in Love” with the group and it was nothing short of amazing. Especially when Kevin hit those high notes!!

It was definitely worth it to check this group out live, and I highly recommend the show for anyone who is a true fan of music and the hard work that goes into it.  This group is so incredibly talented and they really appreciate their fans. One of my favorite moments of the night was seeing how emotional they were.  Scott made a joke about having a sappy moment, but I loved it! They deserve the success they’re achieving, and I’m proud to be a fan. Check out the setlist below, and the dates for the remaining stops on the tour!

SETLIST in Sunrise, FL – April 13, 2016

Na Na Na
Can’t Sleep Love
Evolution of Michael Jackson
Love Yourself/Where Are U Now
If I Ever Fall in Love
Kevin – Cello Solo (Bach)
Daft Punk
Rose Gold
New Years Day

Light in the Hallway

Pentatonix: Official Site
Twitter: PTX Official


12 thoughts on “PENTATONIX: World Tour 2016 (Review)

    1. Hi Bob! The concert ran from about 8pm to about 11:15pm. I wish I’d written down the exact times, but I can only go from memory. Opening acts were from 8pm to about 9:30pm or so. Again, I’m not sure the exact times…I’m sorry! But it was a great show!!


  1. Just wondering when the concert started, and when it actually ended? Trying to figure out how long I need to hire the babysitter for …


    1. Hi! I should’ve noted the times when I was there, but I didn’t! I’m sorry! I believe AJ came out pretty much on time (about 8 pm) and Us the Duo was on from about 8:45 – 9:30. PTX came out about 9:45-11. I’m sorry I don’t have exact times, but I’m sure it differs show to show because of Ser changes and everything.

      Are you planning on going to a show?


  2. I know this is months late to ask, but would you rate the overall performance as kid-friendly? I have an 8-yr old who is a HUGE FAN, and Dad wants to take him to a future PTX concert. Risky choice or not?


    1. Hi there! Yes, it’s absolutely kid friendly! The show was great! I saw a ton of kids at the show and they all seemed to love it! If he gets to go, let me know what he thought! He has great taste! Lol


    1. Hi Mark! I don’t want to give you inaccurate information lol. Considering there are no instruments or anything, the music isn’t as loud as a regular concert. It’s not too bad!

      Let me know what they think if you make it!


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