@Thisfunktional talks with Luis Guzman about PUERTO RICANS IN PARIS

Thisfunktional: Interview with Luis Guzman for PUERTO RICANS IN PARIS

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Veteran actor Luis Guzman’s first producer credit comes in “Puerto Ricans in Paris,” which he also stars in, opening on June 10.

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Although a film with Puerto Ricans in the title and Latino actors, “Puerto Ricans in Paris” is a comedy which everyone can enjoy.

“I did not make this movie, or go about making this movie, even though the title is ‘Puerto Ricans in Paris,’ I did not make this movie for Puerto Ricans,” Guzman said. “I’ve always said, ‘I made this movie for the universe.’ That’s what I’m so proud of.”

The comedic elements in the movie are things that many people can relate to.

The comedy is well made with many funny moments, which made it appealing to Focus World to distribute.

Still, the Latino part of the movie keeps it from being widely covered by the entertainment media.

“I do still struggle with, and I don’t have any problem saying this, I do still struggle with the fact that, ok here we have this movie, and I’m still waiting to also do interviews with general market,” Guzman said. “The problem I’ve always found with Latino movies, you know, that people make for the universe, it’s like why are we only being interviewed by Latino markets? When Spike Lee does a movie he’s not just being interviewed by the (African-American market)…and so I think that’s something we have to break through.”

This movie goes from New York to Paris with many French actor involved in roles in the movie.

The barrier is not Hollywood, but what mainstream media decides to cover.

“I don’t think it’s Hollywood that puts a barrier anymore. I think that’s something that we psychologically put as a block,” Guzman said. “My thing is that we are talented but at the same time, taking it to the next level, who’s going to be that person that’s going to write that check. There are Latinos that are multimillionaires and billionaires, where are they?”

Check out “Puerto Ricans in Paris” which opens June 10.

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Mike ‘The Movie Guy’ Movie Review: Careful What You Wish For

I actually just finished watching CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR…like literally. I just took off the headphones…climbed out of bed…trying not to wake the wifey…walked through the living room…trying not to wake the dog…who could possibly wake up our ‘almost’ 2 year old son…all this…for Mr. Nick Jonas. (lol)

Careful What You Wish For

Did I like the movie?

I did. Any type of movie that can get my ‘WTF feelings’ going – – is alright with me. (lol)

Here’s what the movie’s about – OH…DO NOT watch the trailer. I know some of you girls will be tempted to – – DON’T! Personally…I thought it gave away too much.

Careful What You Wish For

Ok – real quick. Nick Jonas plays a young dude named Doug. He comes with parents to a little vacation spot – does a little summer work before heading off to college. One day – he notices a couple moving next door – – – the husband played by 1988’s YOUNG GUNS Dermot Mulroney – – he’s a rich douche who happens to have a super hot wife named Lena, played by the lovely Isabel Lucas. Right off the bat – she’s gives him the old ‘I wanna meet your penis look.’ Well – that’s what it looked like to me. (lol) Instead of playing it smart – – – his penis does all the thinking and decision making for him and well…it gets a little ‘complicated.’ (lol)

Careful What You Wish For

You get the picture. Right? Well…I hope so. (lol)

Like I said before – I liked the movie.

20 minutes into the movie I was like, “WTF Nick Jonas?!”

40 minutes into the movie I was like, “WTF Nick Jonas?!”

Last 20 minutes of the movie I was like, “WTF Nick Jonas..you idiot!”

Careful What You Wish For

See. This movie got my emotions going. (lol) I thought Nick Jonas did a great job in the acting department. It was super cool seeing Paul Sorvino is this. (I’m a fan)

I could see the girls loving this one – – Nick Jonas sexy time. Nick Jonas with his shirt off. Nick Jonas in just his boxer shorts. (lol) Yeah, yeah…he works out. (lol) Personally…my eyes were locked on Lena, the crazy, seductive chick. (lol)

CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR hits theaters and On Demand this Friday. The same day as Nick Jonas’s new album drops – Niceeeeee dude. Nice.

If you happen to check it out the movie – let me know your thoughts.

I give CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR… 3 out of 5 popcorns. It could be a cool solo or date flick…which ever floats your boat….get it? BOAT. (lol)