The Vampire Diaries – Season 8 Finale Review – “I Was Feeling Epic” [podcast] #TVDforever #TVD


Hey everyone!

How are your emotions holding up after the EPIC series finale of our favorite show…The Vampire Diaries? Keisha and I got together to talk about our thoughts on the special 2-hour event and how the show has impacted our lives. You can listen to our podcast below and feel free to let us know what the show has done for you!


Personally, I started watching the show late in the game when it was on Netflix, but I’ve watched it live for the past few seasons now. I’ve met so many incredible friends at the TVD conventions, I’ve had the privilege of being in Covington, GA (aka Mystic Falls) for two season premieres and I just have so many great memories that I wouldn’t have it I hadn’t started watching. Meeting the cast and knowing that these characters we’ve fallen in love with over the past eight years genuinely care about the fans and are actually incredible people on and off screen makes me so PROUD to be a fan.

Here are a few of the photos from the conventions and my trips to Mystic Falls:



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Thank you to Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson for creating a show that we’ve loved for the past eight years. Thank you to the writers who delivered incredible storylines time and time again. & to the wonderful cast…thank you for giving us characters we could root for, feel for, and for being great human beings on and off our television screens.

The show was wrapped up perfectly, tragically and beautifully & we thank you!

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