The Originals | S4E6 | “Bag of Cobras” Review [podcast]


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Mike and I (finally) got together to talk about the latest episode of The Originals! I know, I know…but don’t blame him…he has his stud muffin son, Maddox, to take care of, so give the man some slack! lol…

Now down to business! Check out the podcast review below and let us know what YOU thought! You can find us on Twitter @ThisIsKristin_ and @mikethemovieguy.

SYNOPSIS: When it’s discovered that The Hollow has employed a mysterious servant to do its bidding, Klaus and Elijah host an elaborate party in order to lure the new threat out and uncover its identity. Feeling a sense of responsibility for The Hollow’s resurgence, Vincent uses his magic to help the Mikaelsons root out this latest threat. Meanwhile, after uncovering information about who may have been behind her parents’ death, Hayley turns to Freya to help unlock her memories from that fateful day.


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Vadhir Derbez returns to the big screen in 3 IDIOTAS

Vadhir Derbez returns to the big screen in 3 IDIOTAS

Take a look at the official trailer of Pantelion Films’ upcoming comedy “3 Idiotas.”

The film opens in theaters on June 2 and stars Martha Higareda, Vadhir Derbez, Alfonso Dosal, Christian Vazquez, and Sebastian Zurita.

Two nerdy friends and their archrival from college days make an unlikely and hilarious team as they go in search of a long-lost buddy who disappeared without a trace on their college graduation day.

Through their quest, they relive college life and recall memories of their friend who inspired them to think differently even as the rest of the world called them idiots.

In Theaters June 2

@Thisfunktional Movie Review: AMERICAN EXORCISM

@Thisfunktional Movie Review: AMERICAN EXORCISM

Fighting the Supernatural in a Different Way in “AMERICAN EXORCISM”

Written by Jesus Figueroa (@Thisfunktional)

When an all-American teenage girl begins to be too rebellious for her adopted father, the ex-exorcist father comes around to help make sure demons haven’t followed her in “American Exorcism.”

This may not be a movie for the entire family, but its an entertaining view with some horror, some action and some teenage angst.

Damon, played by Michael Filipowich, decides he will step away from his exorcist life with his partner Will, played by Braxton Davis, for his family.

Filipowich is strange and looks different from what is expected from a holy fighter of demons. He brings a good change to the typical religious exorcist.

Davis is the clean cut bible exorcist which contrasts the look of Filipowich. The two work well together as they play off each other well.

Tragic events separate Damon from young Caroline, played by Sicily Fontaine, until a teenage Caroline, played by Kate Tumanova, starts to take her rebellious behavior too far and her biological father comes back into her life.

Fontaine is a typical little girl who is enjoying her life with her parents. She’s not on screen too much, just about 5 minutes in the beginning of the film.

Tumanova comes in as the grown teenage Caroline and plays the rebellious, bad girl well. The young look to her gives her an innocent look which isn’t what you expect from her behavior. This performance is the best part of the movie.

The story revolves around Damon and his teenage daughter Caroline and the strange things happening in the life of Caroline.

The non-typical methinks that Damon uses to exorcise demons is an interesting method, which ads a more action element to the movie.

At points the things Damon does can come off as comical, but then the immediate suspense after adds to the scary supernatural element.

Caroline is fantastic at being a force to be reckoned with and a captivating character which can be manipulative and mysterious.

The ending is a good payoff. There’s a good twist which if the audience pays attention can see it coming.

Out on Video OnDemand 
Available on Amazon in Limited Edition DVD 
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Available at Walmart

May 2