Come Send DRINKIN’, SMOKIN’ and WEST COASTIN’ Off In A 90s Style

Come Send DRINKIN’, SMOKIN’ and WEST COASTIN’ Off In A 90s Style

Written by Jesus Figueroa (@Thisfunktional)

“Drinkin’, Smokin’ and West Coastin'” is coming to an end, but not before throwing a grand party sponsored by Playboy.

“It’s been a crazy month. Our opening night was huge, almost 4,000 people came, because I think people were stoked that we were back in DTLA again,” Curator Jacob Patterson said. “The nightly events have been varied. Some have been packed, and others have been more intimate. I think we had a very diverse range of programming and people came to multiple events; the best ones where events where new producers walked into our space and brought their own unique audiences, like SELFISH and Cannabis Cabaret.”

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Artist from around the world displayed artwork which represented the best of Los Angeles.

The support from fans getting the word out helped propel this event into the success it became.

“What was the most special was the sheer amount of support. From people sharing it, to people like the Bloody Gums Collective helping build it, to the people buying tickets and merch just because they know it helps out. We had given up on this show and pretty much given up on the Think Tank after the Ghost Ship Fire, and it was fans and helpers (and sponsors) that picked us up and pulled us across the finish line,” Patterson said. “We’re excited to party with all of them on Saturday (Sept. 23) at our closing party with Playboy.”

Even with the event coming to a close the success gives Patterson hope of another “Drinkin’, Smoking’ and West Coastin'” exhibit to sprout up or travel around so others can experience the exhibit and events.

“Drinkin’ Smokin’ & West Coastin’ – Hyphy Edition. Oakland 2018. Any takers?” Patterson said.

Already in the works is a new show which has already been a big hit at the Bay area,

With the help of Patterson it now comes to LA.

“We have a really killer feminist show in the beginning of October by an artist named Kidd Bell,” Patterson said. “She has been collecting unsolicited dick pics that dudes have sent her and other women without permission, and then she hangs them up in a gallery and tells the guys that their unwanted images are now art. It’s a hilarious protest, and super clever.”

Support from the community helps bring unique exhibits to Los Angeles as well as the events which are produced in conjunction with it.

There’s so many artists which struggle to have a place to showcase their talent and places like the Think Tank Gallery make it possible to bring in artists both locally and internationally.

“It’s truly been wild to watch the range of programming. Every night has looked completely different in here. From events that use the ShowGrow 420 Lounge as a smoking lounge, to events that take over the whole space with cannabis sampling, to events that use only the DMV Dive Bar that we built and the main gallery is open to the public… it’s been super varied,” Patterson said. “The malleable nature of the space has been what has most interesting me. It’s been a lot of work but the show has taken on a new life almost every single night and that’s a testament to visionary producers taking what we’ve built, respecting our artists and then making it their own.”

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