@Thisfunktional Talks With Manuel Garcia-Rulfo MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS

Written by Jesus Figueroa (@Thisfunktional)

Actor Manuel Garcia-Rulfo has had an amazing career with projects like “MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS,” out in theaters now, which has included him with magnificent casts.

The character of Biniamino Marquez in “MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS” brings Rulfo to a cast of 12 magnificent actors which entertain in a classic story by Agatha Christie.

“I really had alot of fun playing this character, because it’s so different from what I’ve done before or very different from who Manuel is,” Rulfo said. “I’m a very reserved, shy man and this character is very much an open book.”

Although having been on several movie sets, been part of great movies and played some great roles, Rulfo still finds he learns so much from his co-stars.

The challenges that come with getting into the mindset of each role brings different challenges for actors to each movie, which Rulfo said he found to be part of the fun of this character.

Along with the challenge of a new role, Rulfo said the experience of this movie helped him appreciate working with a veteran cast.

“I’m very proud and blessed and lucky,” Rulfo said. “Having the opportunity to work with all these amazing people, in magnificent seven with all the actors and the magnitude of such a film and now this film. Then La Vida Inmoral with a wonderful friend of mine, Manolo Caro, and all the actors in it. I like those projects that you benefit, not only from the outcome, but from everything like the people you work with and that you learn from the people you work with — directors and actors — I’ve been lucky from that.”

Rulfo was thrilled when he heard the actors he would be working with. He looked forward to work with actors who he knew from their work.

 “All these people, I’ve admired and followed their careers so much and I respect them,” Rulfo said. “To share scenes with them, it’s like a pinch moment. Every time I was there, on the train, I would look around and think ‘What the fuck am I doing here?’ They are such professionals and they have this amazing human quality.”

There’s not many opportunities to bring to life a classic tale which is widely known, or that an actor gets to put a spin on a classic character.

Rulfo said, “The opportunity of bringing a classic like this one of Agatha Christie to the big screen, that’s what made me say of course I’m in.”

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