BAD SAMARITAN | The WORST Valet Tips Of All Time By Robert Sheehan

BAD SAMARITAN in theaters May 4th

Bad Samaritan is in theaters in 9 days!

And before you make a decision regarding using valet parking at the theater (or anywhere, really!) please check out this clip by Robert Sheehan!

The WORST valet tips of all time by Robert Sheehan:


BAD SAMARITAN is a terrifying cautionary tale of two thieves uncovering more than what they bargained for when breaking into a house they thought would be an easy score. After making a shocking discovery, they must choose to run and hide, or face the killer whose dark secrets they have exposed.

BAD SAMARITAN es la terrorífica historia de dos ladrones que se encuentran con algo inesperado cuando tratan de robar una mansión que parecía ser presa fácil. Ahí, después de descubrir algo horrible, tendrán que decidir si correr, o enfrentarse al psicópata a quien le han descubierto sus secretos más oscuros.


BAD SAMARITAN Official Channels:

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