Nelufar Hedayat uses her journalistic integrity through her investigation for STORY OF GOD

Nelufar Hedayat uses her journalistic integrity through her investigation for STORY OF GOD

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Journalist Nelufar Hedayat found that being a seeker for “Story of God with Morgan Freeman” was something very different from what she is use to, but being a journalist helped her be unbiased while on her assignment.

Religion can be an extremely sensitive subject, but Hedayat said that with her history of journalism she is able to put her own faith and believes aside and cover her topic for “Story of God.”

Hedayat visits the ruins of the ancient city of Pergamon and learns about the throne built for Zeus that Christians later dubbed “Satan’s throne” to demonize the old gods.

The role of investigative journalist was not going to work in this assignment, Hedayat said. To get something worthwhile she needed to step back from finding truth and rather find meaning which says is something much different.

The viewers of the show should watched with an open mind. A viewer needs to be patient and take in as much as possible to learn about themselves and about others around them as well.

“Story of God” is meant to be a way to accept others as others accept different believes as well.

Hedayat said that she was born in one of the poorest countries in the east and was able to study in one of the most diverse cities in the world and these amazing assurances have helped her gain a perspective which helped her not have a bias while pursuing this story.

Everyone has a story to tell and Hedayat said she was happy and honored to be able to hear these stories from people who shared them so willingly.

Hedayat said, that on a personal level, being part of “Story of God’ helped her to see that religions do not separate people, but rather they are all so similar and should unite people. These stories she was able to listen to helped her realize just how passionate people are about their religions.

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