Jackie & Ryan – Movie Review


Hey movie fans!! So, I decided to check out this film that was featured on Netflix and decided to write my first review of 2016 on it! Check it out:

Directed By: Ami Canaan Mann
Written By: Ami Canaan Mann
Starring: Ben Barnes, Katherine Heigl, Clea Duval, Emily Alyn Lind, Sheryl Lee
Rated: PG-13

SYNOPSIS:  A modern day train hopper fighting to become a successful musician, and a single mom battling to maintain custody of her daughter, defy their circumstances by coming together in a relationship that may change each others lives forever. 


REVIEW:  As a HUGE music fan, I have to say I enjoyed watching this movie.  Ben Barnes definitely surprised me with his vocal abilities, as he provides the majority of the vocals on the soundtrack.  The acting by Barnes and Heigl were great as well.  People can say what they want about Heigl as a person on set, but no one can deny that the girl can act!  Either way, Barnes plays a tattooed drifter who will play whenever and to whoever will listen.  Heigl, a conservative ex-recording artist, meets him by chance and the two opposites help each other in ways they couldn’t imagine.  The movie was shot in just 20 days and has a raw, gritty feel to it.  Personally, I enjoyed it because it wasn’t a complete sappy love story, but others might see a lack of content.  If you love folk music and small production, indie films, you might want to check this one out.



You can find the ‘Jackie & Ryan’ soundtrack on iTunes HERE

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