Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance: Review

Hey everyone!  So I bought my mom tickets to see Lord of the Dance here in South Florida and figured I could write a review since they’re starting their US Tour here!

Growing up, I always remembered my mom watching this VHS with people dancing to Irish music.  It was hypnotizing!  About 10 years ago, my dad bought her tickets to see the show in Miami Beach, but there was no Michael Flatley.  After all these years, I saw that he was going to be going out on the final tour of his career and knew I had to take her to see him live.

Tonight I saw my mom’s eyes light up again.  She’d been anticipating this show all week and I’m so glad I got to take her.

This entire show was amazing.  Way more modern than the old VHS tape we used to watch!  The outfits were more modern, the setup of the show was as well.  One thing that remained equally amazing was the dancing.  The dancing is so synchronized and just incredible to watch.  Truly makes you want to get up and try it out…until you realize YOUR feet and legs don’t move that fast!  The visual effects were cool, the sound was great, the dancers were wonderful. It was a great show and one I would definitely recommend checking out.  You’d be amazed at how quick the dancers move their feet!

Here’s a clip of the men of Lord of the Dance on the Stephen Colbert show:

You can also buy Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games on Digital HD now, and on BluRay & DVD March 1st!