The new and innovative series uses advanced technology to create a world of animals in a creative way that can only be seen in the United States exclusively through DIRECTV on channel 432, every Saturday and Sunday from April 9 at 11:30 am ET

Welcome to Planet Origami! ZooMoo, the first interactive children’s channel in the world designed to promote a love of nature and animals through a unique and safe experience, will debut its newest show called Origanimales (Origanimals). The program takes place in Planet Origami, a whole world of 3D animation where everything is done with origami figures, including water, mountains, rocks, and especially the Origanimales (origami + animals).  The show’s central characters are Khye the Koala, Ryan the Rino, Fiona the Fox and Zoe the Zebra. Together they form the rescue team “Los Fabulosos 4.” Join them throughout their rescue missions where they use their origami ability to create different objects and animals to help any wild animal in need.

This program uses high-end technology to create animation that stimulates manual and visual creativity in children and in turn provides a fun and safe world that allows them to learn about the animal world, their habitats, and the importance to preserve it.

Origanimales (Origanimals) is a joint creation between the Malaysian animation company Giggle Garage Animations and Bejuba! Entertainment. The program airs exclusively through DIRECTV channel 432 in the U.S. every Saturday and Sunday from April 9, at 11:30am ET / 10:30am CT (repeat at 4:30am and 6:30pm ET / 3:30am and 5:30pm CT).

ZooMoo combines puppets, cartoons and the most incredible images of natural history worldwide in high definition (HD) to tell stories about the animal kingdom. This channel has more than 7,000 individual stories about animals, and more than 500 hours of original content, which are seen by 140 million people in 23 countries.

ZooMoo also offers multimedia content and a mobile application that can be used by itself, but when synced to the channel it enhances the television experience turning smart phones and tablets into an extension of what’s on the TV screen allowing children to automatically collect the animals that appear in it.

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