@Thisfunktional movie review: THE BOY

For months, bad reviews of “The Boy” made the movie seem like a horrible movie that should have never been made, then it comes out on DVD/Blu-ray and I find it delightful.

“The Boy” tells a fantastically twisted story which, even when knowing the ending, jars the mind and fools audiences.

American nanny Greta Evans, played by Lauren Cohan, travels to England for a baby position taking care of Brahms, a doll.

Cohan is fantastic in swaying the audience with her emotion. The ability to subtly change the feel of the character in such a natural way helps bring forth a human aspect which can be identified with.

As she comes to be aware that what she thought was a child the child is actually a doll, she is introduced to local market delivery boy Malcolm, played by Rupert Evans, and the Brahms parents.

Evans can come off as oblivious and frightened, but that just may be what someone in his character’s position would be. Not the best of this movie, but an enjoyable addition.

As Greta neglects the doll supernatural occurrences begin, which are unexplained.

The manner in which this is all treated leads one way just to be jolted in a different direction and leaves the audience jumping in their seat.

The brilliant part of the film is that time and time again it plays on the human appeal and on the unexplained.

There are many movies which have a possessed doll and rely on jump scares to bring enjoyment, but what this movie does is play on the gullibility of humans to keep the scenes moving forward with the audience interest.

Before this sounds like an overly glorifying review, all the trouble happens starting with the big twist reveal. It gets to the point where it turns from a well anchored psychological thriller to a cheesy payoff.

The ending is jumbled to the point where it because confusing.

The manner in which Greta resolves the conflict just haunt the movie enough to be cliche and the plot’s downfall.

I give this horror movie a 4 out of 5 Popcorns. The acting is good, the story is great, but it loses what makes the movie great as it gets to the end. It’s definitely a movie to watch because it is by far entertaining and one of the most chilling movies to come out in 2016 thus far.

– Jesus Figueroa

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