Camson Takes the Honor of being part of MASTER CHEF JUNIOR, Tries to Learn as much as Possible

Camson. Age: 13.Hometown: Fleming Island, FL.
Signature Dish: Medium-Rare Sirloin Steak with Asparagus and Mashed Potatoes.
CR: Michael Becker / FOX. © 2018 / FOX Broadcasting.

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Contestant Camson auditioned and took the challenge to be part of “Master Chef Junior” to sharpen his skills and learn more throughout no matter the outcome.

The opportunity to be around likeminded kids opened the opportunity to make friends and learn from each other, while having the judges give feedback helped sharpen his skills.

“It’s such a crazy thing being chosen out of 15,000 or so kids that auditioned for ‘Master Chef Junior,'” Camson said. “That’s just ridiculous even being chosen for it. even just being friends with everyone and making the experiences and memories with everyone.”

“Master Chef Junior” may be a competition but Camson said the kids were mostly very friendly and fun to be around.

But the person he most learned from was Chef Gordon Ramsey who instilled in Camson the concept of “No color, no flavor.”

From being a foodie, Camson got a passion for cooking and being adventurous with the food he tried.

Camson would help his parent in the kitchen and would get more and more responsibility as he got older, from there he started challenging himself to do more complex dishes.

Spicy food became Camson’s favorite and he will be cooking some on “Master Chef Junior” as well as taking some traditional dishes and putting a twist to them.

“With all the competing it was always very high energy and, you would think it would be very competitive with all the kids, and it was, it was also alot of fun,” Camson said.

Watch Camson compete on “Master Chef Junior” Fridays 8:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT on FOX

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