Switch Off From the Busy World, With Sounds Inspired By Nature & Magic


‘Elements’ is a brand new chill-out album by TROUX, released through TAG Gold – a label owned by management company Intune Addicts. A deeply ambient and relaxing collection of instrumental calm, to help find inner peace.

Switch off your mind from the busy world by sitting back and listening to ‘Elements’ by Troux, which will take you on a tranquil journey far away, somewhere mystical and Zen, somewhere beautiful and serene. The sounds are inspired by nature and magic mixed with organic warm pianos and synths, making the listener feel comforted with the homeliness of the world. Escape from the day and find yourself.

From start to finish, each track on the album softly flows taking the listener on a journey of contentment, calm-fullness and peace. Whether you’re listening to ‘Elements’ for concentration, meditation, spiritual reasons, escapism or relaxation, this album is the ideal component for bringing yourself back down to earth.

Listen here:



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