Alt Pop Band EXNATIONS Glow On Debut EP “Tiny Sound In The Dark”


Alternative pop trio EXNATIONS bring light to a darkness on their debut EP “Tiny Sound In The Dark,” out NOW. The band, comprised of Sal Mastrocola, Taylor Hughes, and John O’Neill, combines two obviously opposite emotions in their music and meshes them together to create a relatable (and danceable) sound. Although self-defined as a ‘sad’ band, their color palette remains pastel, splashing hues of pale pink and aquamarine throughout their graphics, seemingly representing the dance-able side to their music (and exploring the clear contrast between both emotions). Dream-like, somewhat hazy, synthy; “Tiny Sound In The Dark” is a more-than-promising debut release, laced with sparkle and anticipation. The elements of pop music are clear, but what’s even more fascinating about EXNATIONS is the anthemic sense of empowerment the trio produces on their first effort. To promote the EP release, EXNATIONS has a string of four EP
release shows
this month to promote “Tiny Sound In the Dark,” sponsored by idobi radio’s Spinning Thoughts. About the release of “Tiny Sound In The Dark”, the band states:

“Tiny Sound in the Dark is the most immediate collection of songs I’ve ever had a hand in. The band gave ourselves permission to lean into the unabashed energy and aesthetic of our favorite pop music in a way that still feels true to where we came from. As a guy who has been in punk and emo bands for my whole life, the sounds, textures, and themes we explored on this record brought such a jolt of new energy and enthusiasm to my songwriting process. This EP is the first of many permutations of that enthusiasm and love. We hope you love it”

EXNATIONS are a sad yet danceable brand of guitar-flecked synth pop out of Brooklyn, NY and Baltimore, MD. The group consists of members Sal Mastrocola vocals/guitar/synth), Taylor Hughes (drums/synth) and John O’Neil (bass). Their debut EP, “Tiny Sound In The Dark” is available HERE.



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