COMCAST Revamps Latino Entertainment Channel, Launches Weekly XFINITY LATINO Segments for Bicultural Families

COMCAST Revamps Latino Entertainment Channel, Launches Weekly XFINITY LATINO Segments for Bicultural Families

Comcast today announced it has made some significant changes to the Xfinity Latino Entertainment Channel (XLEC) to meet the evolving needs and interests of bicultural Latino customers.

XLEC is a channel that combines programming, technology and Xfinity service tips in a dynamic and entertaining way and now features more original content and segments such as “Para la Familia,” “Cine en Casa” and “En la Cancha.”
XLEC is co-anchored by Veronica Allis and Tommy Florez alongside a team of internationally renowned, award-winning correspondents that includes Veronica Rasquin, Francisco Cáceres and Carlos Rausseo.

Produced at its newly minted studios in Denver and Miami, as well as on location, content on XLEC is refreshed every Monday and is available on multiple platforms: TV, Xfinity On Demand and on the Xfinity Stream app and web portal.

“I’m very excited that our customers can now access up-beat, informative, and engaging content on the device of their choice,” Javier Garcia, Senior Vice President, Multicultural Services, Comcast Cable, said. “Not only can viewers enjoy the channel’s new look, new talent and new content that touches upon all of their passion points, they’ll also enjoy having so many options of when and how they want to watch it.”

The new original segments interweave culturally-relevant entertainment content with options and tips to help Hispanic customers take advantage of Comcast’s innovative products and services.

Viewers will also learn how to optimize their entertainment viewing experience with the revolutionary Xfinity X1platform and enjoy more of the content they want in the language of their choice, at home or on the go.

The new feature segments include:

  • “Para la Familia,” hosted by Venezuelan model, television personality, and mother of two Verónica Rasquin, targets bicultural families with a focus on younger children (preschool age to teens) and offers recommendations on kids and family programming, interviews with industry experts, and a look into Kids Zone, an Xfinity X1 feature that gives parents extra peace-of-mind by offering a safe and secure experience for kids to independently explore their favorite content and discover new programming in English or Spanish;
  • “Cine en Casa” is hosted by Francisco Cáceres, a two-time Emmy winner and film expert. ‘Cine en Casa’ will feature interviews with actors, red-carpet coverage, behind-the-scenes action and a look at the latest On Demand movie releases available to rent on Xfinity;
  • “Cool-tura,” a partnership between Xfinity and Sony Music Latin, features popular Latin music artists and TV personalities, including Fonseca, Diego Torres, Reik, and CNCO, as they build a time capsule that contains their can’t-live-without cultural must-haves, including their favorite music, foods, films and traditions that honor their bicultural heritage rooted in both mainstream American and Latin culture;
  • “En la Cancha,” hosted by two-time Emmy award winner and Telemundo Denver anchor Carlos Rausseo, highlights the biggest sports TV programming and it’s the go-to soccer show where Xfinity customers can find their weekly dose of soccer news and schedules from Latin America and the world.

Launched in 2012 and available free of charge in more than 20 million homes, the XLEC keeps Comcast’s bicultural Latino customers updated on programming highlights and helps maximize their viewing experience using the latest Xfinity features.



In Home: Watch Entire TV Line-Up on Phones, Tablets & Laptops;

On-the-Go: 200+ Live Channels, Remote DVR Access and 40,000 On Demand Titles

Comcast announced that it will launch “Xfinity Stream,” an app available to all Xfinity TV users at no additional cost and will allow them towatch their entire TV line-up on phones, tablets and laptops in the home, and when they’re on-the-go, to tune-in to more than 200 live channels, access and program their DVR and watch 40,000 on demand titles.

“We’re focused on creating the best entertainment experiences across platforms and continuing to give Xfinity TV customers more choice in how, when and where they access their content,” said Matt Strauss, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Video and Entertainment Services at Comcast Cable. “With the Xfinity Stream app, we are giving customers access to the best content in and out of the home with a growing list of advanced features and capabilities that make the mobile experience nearly identical to the cable experience they enjoy at home.”

The Xfinity Stream app, the successor to the Xfinity TV app, includes the ability to switch to a Spanish guide, favorite channel filtering, music channels and Common Sense Media reviews and ratings, offering users an X1-like experience for customers’ phones, tablets and laptops in and out of the home.

  • Live TV and Xfinity On Demand: In addition to becoming an additional screen in the home for Xfinity TV cable customers to access live and on demand programming, Xfinity Stream also gives them access to more than 200 live channels over the Internet outside the home, including sports networks such as ESPN, Fox Sports and NBC Sports; news networks such as Fox News, MSNBC, CNN and BBC World News; kids networks like Nick Jr., Disney Channel and Sprout; 50 Music Choice channels, as well as a host of other top cable and premium networks. The app also offers more than 40,000 on demand movies and TV shows to stream on the go, as well as thousands of download choices for offline viewing.
  • DVR Recordings On the Go:Xfinity TV customers can take their entire DVR collection with them to stream on the go, or even download to watch while offline. They can also use the app to set recordings remotely.
  • First Screen Experiences on Devices: TheXfinity Stream app will bring an X1-like experience to customers with new and enhanced features like the ability to search content by categories such as audience or critics score, stream 50+ Music Choice channels in-the-home and on-the-go, access Common Sense Media ratings and reviews and customize their parental controls per device.
  • Spanish Guide and Accessibility Enhancements:Comcast’s bicultural customers will have the option to navigate the app in their language of choice – Spanish or English – as well as enable English programming that offers a secondary audio feed in Spanish. Those customers with vision impairments can also enable video description – a narration track included between the natural pauses in dialogue that describes the visual elements – on select movies and TV shows.


Customers will be able to download the Xfinity Stream app for iOS and Android devices on February 28. Customers who have already installed the latest version of the Xfinity TV app on their devices will see it transition to the Stream app through an app update on February 28. For more information on the Xfinity Stream app, please visit







With the intent of offering content that celebrates Black History year-round, Comcast launched a new permanent collection in the ‘Black Film & TV’ destination of Xfinity on Demand called “Black History Always On”.

This collection includes more than 100 titles of content including historical documentaries, biographical films, Comcast’s original Voices of the Civil Rights Movement profiles, specials from networks like Smithsonian Channel and more. It will serve as the permanent place on the Xfinity on Demand platform to learn about the achievements of African-American people year round.

In fact, a recent study by Nielsen DBS showed that over 60% of black millennials agree that it feels really good to see stars in media who share their ethnic background. That’s one of the reasons that this month the Black Film & TV destination includes a section called ‘Black Women Behind the Scenes,’ which puts a spotlight on women directors, producers, writers, costume designers, and even stunt doubles. Included in this section are intimate one-on-one conversations with talented women like Gina Prince Bythewood, Susan Fales Hill, Effie Brown, Kay Oyegun, LaFaye Baker, Quinta Brunson and Franchesca Ramsey to name a few. There are also a few men like Prentice Penny, David E. Talbert, Malcom D. Lee and Reggie Rock Bythewood weighing in. Comcast’s network partners also participated by capturing conversations with their women behind the camera including Tasha Smith and D’Angela Proctor for TV One, Zola Mashariki and Connie Orlando for BET, Terri J. Vaughn for Aspire and Lucy Chodota for The Africa Channel, to name a few.

Lastly, Comcast believes in independent black filmmaking. The company has officially announced a partnership with American Black Film Festival and BlackStar Film Festival to launch a special collection through our Streampix on demand service, which is licensing short and feature length films and webisodes from alumni filmmakers who screened their works at past festivals. With these new partnerships, Comcast is using the Xfinity on Demand platform to invest in the black filmmaking community and showcase its work to an even broader audience.

Comcast is proud to create and launch a collection of content and stories that parents can sit down with their kids and watch together, not just in February but whenever they choose, because for Xfinity, Black History is Always On.

Users can find all of this content in the ‘Black Film & TV’ destination, on X1 on demand, by selecting the On Demand menu and scrolling right or by saying “Black Film & TV” into the X1 Voice Remote.

So what are you waiting for? Happy watching! #BlackHistoryAlwaysOn #XfinityBH



Primo TV and Kids Central Will Launch on Comcast’s Xfinity TV in January 2017

Prepare to watch television programming filled with options catering to the bicultural Hispanic community. The networks, Kids Central and Primo TV will focus on two different age groups featuring education and entertainment based programming appealing to bicultural Latino families in January 2017 through Comcast Cable.

Comcast Corporation announced it has selected two new Hispanic American-owned independent networks to be broadly distributed on Comcast Cable systems beginning in January 2017.  After a thorough evaluation of dozens of proposals, Comcast selected Primo TV and Kids Central, both of which will provide quality family programming targeted to bicultural Hispanic youth.

“Kids Central and Primo TV’s unique focus on young bicultural Hispanics fill an unmet need in youth-oriented programming and further demonstrate our commitment to providing the best experience for bicultural Hispanic families,” said Javier Garcia, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Multicultural Services at Comcast Cable. “We believe that these networks will provide high-quality educational and entertaining content while infusing Latino culture into the experience.”

Kids Central is an English-language network consisting of age-appropriate programming with high educational value and entertainment standards that appeals to bicultural Hispanic viewers ages 3-7.  In primetime, the network expands its audience with a block of family-oriented programming targeted to the whole family.  Kids Central will provide both English and Spanish language video on demand content. Kids Central is owned and operated by Condista Networks.

“We are proud to work with Comcast to bring this network to viewers,” said Jorge Fiterre, President of Condista Networks.  “Kids Central offers a new option for both English and Spanish speaking children and their families.”

Primo TV is an English-language network that will appeal to bicultural Hispanic viewers ages 6-16 and consisting of age-appropriate programming with high educational value and entertainment standards. Primo TV will build off the proven track record of V-Me and V-Me Kids with diverse content such as animated series, adventure programming and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Awareness that will connect US Hispanics with their cultural roots.  The network will also provide several video on demand content options. Primo TV is owed by V-Me Media, Inc.

“We’re excited to launch Primo TV on Comcast,” said Victor X. Cerda, Senior Vice President at V-Me Media, Inc.  “Primo TV supports V-Me Media’s mission to provide empowering content to the next wave of Hispanic and bicultural youth.  V-Me also applauds Comcast for supporting a Hispanic-owned network in reaching a growing population with content that positively reflects U.S. Hispanic values on screen.”

To narrow down the proposals received, the main criteria Comcast considered were: the content of the network; whether the network is fully financed; whether the networks’ ownership and/or management group(s) are well established, have relevant experience, and are substantially owned by Hispanic Americans; whether the network has launched and has existing or potential multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD) distribution; price; and whether the network and its potential carriage provide value to Comcast and its customers.

Comcast carries over 160 independent networks, including many small, diverse, and international networks.  In 2011, as part of Comcast’s commitments made in connection with the NBCUniversal transaction, Comcast agreed to launch 10 new independently owned and operated networks by 2019, eight of which will be minority-owned.  Five networks have already launched, including El Rey (2013) and BabyFirst Americas (2012), which are primarily Hispanic American owned and operated; REVOLT (2013) and  ASPiRE (2012), which are majority African American owned; and BBC World News (2011).  Kids Central and Primo TV will be the next two networks to launch as part of this commitment.




Comcast users who also have a Netflix subscription will be able to watch all content available through both services in one place

Comcast announced that Netflix will be available through its cable box, the X1 Platform, to all of its customers across the country starting next week. Comcast’s Xfinity users, who are also Netflix subscribers, will be able to easily browse and access the extensive online collection of the streaming service alongside the live, on demand, DVR, and web programming included with their Xfinity TV subscription.

“We are excited to add Netflix to X1 and give our customers access to all the content they love in a way that has never been done before,” said Neil Smit, the Chief Executive Officer at Comcast Cable. “Netflix has been a terrific partner, and our incredible teams of engineers and designers have come together to create an experience that is not only seamless and intuitive, but also lets viewers search and watch tens of thousands of movies, shows, specials and documentaries with the sound of their voice.”

Netflix content will be fully integrated into Xfinity On Demand, enabling X1 customers to watch past and current seasons of shows like The Blacklist, El Señor de los Cielos and The Walking Dead; explore popular Netflix original series like Narcos, House of Cards, and Stranger Things; or catch up on recent classics like Breaking Bad, Sin Senos No Hay Paraiso, and Mad Men, all in one place.

“The Netflix integration into the X1 platform means our mutual customers will no longer need to change inputs or juggle remotes,” said Reed Hastings, Netflix Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “Now they can seamlessly move between the Netflix app and their cable service, enjoying all the TV shows and movies they love without hassle.”

By combining the TV libraries of Netflix and Xfinity On Demand, X1 customers can:

  • Launch the Netflix app by simply saying “Netflix” into the X1 voice remote.
  • Browse Netflix content alongside other On Demand movies and shows
  • Search for an actor like “Gael Garcia Bernal” or “Kevin Spacey” and see all the related titles across Xfinity and Netflix.
  • Start watching from the beginning long-running shows like The Walking Dead or Señora Acero – prior seasons on Netflix and the current season on Xfinity On Demand – all in one place.


Current Netflix customers will have to sign-in to their account through the X1 platform only the first time of use, while those who don’t have a membership to the streaming service can subscribe using the same platform, choose to have it added to their Comcast bill, and begin to immediately explore and enjoy Netflix on the X1 and across other devices.

For more information about the X1 platform, interested customers can visit To learn more about Netflix on X1, visit


The Olympics is a celebration of competition, passion and nationalism that unites nations like no other organized event in the world. For 17 days we will closely watch athletes demonstrate hard work and commitment by overcoming their toughest obstacles in order to earn one of the highest honors in their sport. These athletes include many Latinas that have already become an inspiration to both men and women around the world; from 16 year old Puerto Rican-American gymnast Laurie Hernandez to Colombian BMX cyclist Mariana Pajón, many Latinas are sure to make a mark in sports history this summer. 

You can follow every minute of their journeys through Comcast’s Xfinity. The company has created the ultimate Olympics experience on the X1 platform – Front Row to Rio – where you can easily search, discover and access more than 6,000 hours of live, on demand, and online streaming content, and do so with just the sound of your voice in the language of your choice using the X1 voice remote. As part of the experience, Xfinity will provide a personalized dashboard that gives you the ability to favorite nations, teams and athletes and check out “Must See Moments” when the competition gets fierce. With Xfinity, you won’t have to miss a second of the top Latinas competing in this year’s Games.

Here’s a list of the top 4 Latina athletes to follow during the Olympic Games:

Laurie Hernandez: Team U.S.A’s Overnight Sensation (U.S.A, Gymnastics) Laurie Hernandez, the first U.S.-born Hispanic and youngest member of the “Fierce Five” U.S. gymnastics team, was unknown by casual fans until her breakout performance six months ago in the national championships. This star’s electrifying performances on the floor and the highest beam score during the U.S. trials earned her a spot on the team that is favored to win. To make sure you catch each moment of this up-and-coming star’s performances, Xfinity will provide “Must See Moments” notifications in real-time for marquee Olympic events like gymnastics that you won’t want to miss.

Credit: Instagram – @lauriehernandez_

Mariana Pajón: BMX Champ Prepares to Rule Again in Rio (Colombia, BMX) Mariana Pajón is arguably the best female BMX cyclist in the world and earned Colombia its second gold medal in history during the 2012 Olympic games in London. Pajón showed the world that women have what it takes to compete in an extreme sport that is dominated by men. She’s a superstar in her home country and part of a new generation of athletes that have put Colombia as a legitimate contender in a variety of sports. You can keep up with her and the rest of her Olympic team by adding Colombia on your ‘Favorites’ section.  

Credit: Instagram – @marianapajon

Idalys Ortiz: Unstoppable Cuban Judoka (Cuba, Judo) After beginning her judo training at 10 years old, Idalys Ortiz earned a spot on the Cuban national team at the ripe age of 15. Now at 26, and with two world championships under her belt since winning the gold in London 2012, Ortiz will be no easy competition in the women’s heavyweight division in Rio. You can follow her journey through the Olympics by saying her name into the X1 Voice Remote or by simply saying the word “judo.”

Credit: Instagram – @boxeocubano

Las Leonas: Fierce Legends in the Making (Argentina, Field Hockey) – This Argentinian field hockey team has recently won its seventh world championship trophy, the most by any national team and have won over 20 official titles since the year 2000 when their breakthrough summer earned them the nickname “Las Leonas.” Their nickname came from having a reputation for being relentless even when a match appears to be lost so you can be sure they won’t stop until they’ve reached gold. Catch all the highlights of this determined field hockey team’s matches on the X1 Sports app and the NBC Sports app wherever you go. With these apps you’ll be able to catch live results and scores, real-time stats and highlights of each of their nail-biting games.

Credit: Twitter – @argfieldhockey


Whether you’re inspired by Laurie’s personality-filled dance routines or Idalys’ unstoppable takedown, Comcast’s X1 is your front row to catching every second of these action-packed competitions from day one.

Keep up with your favorite Latina athletes this summer with Xfinity and enjoy every moment of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

Internet Essentials to Reach More Than 40 Percent of All HUD-Assisted Households Nationwide

Internet Essentials Photo
Today from Washington D.C., Julián Castro, Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and Comcast executives announced an important expansion of the Internet Essentials program. This program provides Internet access to low-income families and now, all public housing residents in the U.S. living in Comcast’s service areas will be eligible to apply for Internet Essentials; this includes Hispanic families, which make up 24% of the total number of families living under public housing.

Currently, 60% of the 2.4 million people that benefit from the Internet Essentials program are Hispanic, which amounts to approximately 1.4 million Latinos in the U.S.

Additional statistics that make this announcement relevant to the Hispanic community:

  • With this new Internet Essentials expansion, approximately 480,000 Hispanic families in the U.S. could benefit from the program.
  • Currently, only 65.9% of Hispanic homes have high-speed Internet access compared to 76.2% of their white counterparts. Furthermore, a recent study from the U.S. Census Bureau found that 79.7% of Hispanics have a computer at home but only 66.7% have Internet access. This places U.S. Hispanics below the global average of 74%.
  • Provided more than 47,000 subsidized computers at less than $150 each.
  • Distributed for free nearly 51 million Internet Essentials program materials.
  • Broadcast more than 8.3 million public service announcements, valued at more than $100 million.
  • Welcomed 5 million visitors to the Internet Essentials websites in English and Spanish and its Online Learning Center.
  • Fielded more than 3.9 million phone calls to our Internet Essentials call center.
  • Made Internet Essentials available in nearly 48,000 schools in more than 5,000 school districts, in 39 states and the District of Columbia.
  • Partnered with 9,000 community-based organizations, government agencies, and federal, state, and local elected officials to spread the word.


“ConnectHome is opening doors of opportunity for our next generation of Americans,” said HUD Secretary, Julián Castro.  “Today’s announcement has the potential to transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of kids across the nation by giving them the tools to reach their full potential.  We’re grateful to Comcast for joining the ConnectHome initiative, which has extended its reach to more than 1.5 million children in one short year.”

“This announcement reaffirms Comcast’s determination to make a meaningful impact to close the digital divide for low-income families in this country,” said David L. Cohen, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer of Comcast.  “This is the single largest expansion of the Internet Essentials program in its history, and we’re thrilled to be working with HUD to help connect even more families, including seniors, veterans, and adults without children, to the transformative power of having internet service at home.”

The top ten states and cities with the largest numbers of HUD-assisted households in Comcast’s service area include*:

Top 10 States Top 10 Cities
California 191,000 Chicago, IL 91,000
Illinois 175,000 Philadelphia, PA 35,000
Massachusetts 167,000 Miami, FL 31,000
Pennsylvania 164,000 Baltimore, MD 31,000
Florida 136,000 Houston, TX 31,000
Michigan 110,000 Washington, DC 30,000
New Jersey 105,000 Detroit, MI 25,000
Maryland 88,000 Atlanta, GA 24,000
Georgia 84,000 San Francisco, CA 22,000
Tennessee 80,000 Pittsburgh, PA 20,000

*These numbers are for all HUD-assisted homes of which approximately 35 percent have school-aged children and are, therefore, already eligible to apply for Internet Essentials. These numbers also include households covered by Comcast’s public housing pilot announced in March.


Between 2009 and 2014, broadband service providers spent over $422 billion on capital investments, and three in four American households now use broadband at home.  Despite this significant progress, one in four American households still don’t access the internet at home, particularly lower-income families with children.  According to the 2013 American Community Survey, less than 43 percent of individuals without a high school diploma or equivalent lack home internet access, but under this opportunity adults and young learners can get connected from the comfort of their own homes and take advantage of resources to get a GED credential, apply for and complete college, and acquire the necessary digital literacy skills to thrive in a highly competitive, global workforce.

ConnectHome strives to ensure students can access the same level of highspeed Internet at home that they have in their classrooms.  Today’s announcement furthers this vision, benefiting students of all ages.

This is the ninth time in five years Comcast has expanded eligibility for Internet Essentials. The policy change marks the first time, nationally, households without children eligible to participate in the National School Lunch Program are officially able to apply for Internet Essentials. In 2011, the program was first offered to families with children eligible to receive a free school lunch from the National School Lunch Program.  It was expanded, in 2012, to children eligible for the reduced price school lunch program.  In 2013, Comcast expanded eligibility to include families with children in parochial, private, charter, and cyber schools, as well as students who are home schooled.  Last year, Comcast extended the program two more times, on a pilot basis, to low-income seniors and low-income community college students.  Earlier this year, another pilot program extended Internet Essentials to those living in public housing in Miami, Nashville, Philadelphia, and Seattle.  Finally, Comcast has expanded the number of schools where every student in the school will be deemed eligible for the program so long as a certain percentage of the kids in that school are NSLP eligible – from 70 percent, to 50 percent, and now to 40 percent.  As a result, Comcast estimates auto-enrollment now applies to about half of the 48,000 schools across its service area.

Internet Essentials Key Investments From August 2011 through December 2015, Internet Essentials has connected more than 600,000 low-income families, benefitting more than 2.4 million Americans, to the internet at home. Also since 2011, Comcast has invested more than $280 million in cash and in-kind support to help fund digital literacy training and education initiatives, reaching nearly 4.4 million people through national and local nonprofit community partners.






327262C02_THMWW_BD_O-card-PS_2DSi estás buscando la historia de Blancanieves, será mejor que descubras la historia que la precede en The Huntsman: Winter’s War, que se estrenará en Digital HD el 2 de agosto de 2016 y en 4K Ultra HD TM , Blu-ray ™ , DVD y Bajo Demanda el 23 de agosto de 2016, de la mano de Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. The Huntsman: Winter’s War en Blu-ray ™ y en DVD incluye una edición nueva y ampliada de esta aventura de acción épica, así como material extra exclusivo que revelará las escenas secretas detrás de las cámaras.

The Huntsman: Winter’s War está protagonizada por Charlize Theron (Mad Max: Fury Road, Monster), que encarna a la malvada reina Queen, la cual traicionará a su bondadosa hermana Freya (Emily Blunt: Sicario, Edge of Tomorrow) con una acción imperdonable: congelando el corazón de Freya para impedirla amar y desatando en ella el poder del hielo, una capacidad que jamás supo que poseía. Freya se retirará a un reino lejano del norte y levantará una armada de cazadores para que la protejan con la única condición de que entre ninguno de ellos surja el amor. Con la escalada de la Guerra entre los dos reinos, el mejor cazador de Freya, Eric (Chris Hemsworth: Thor, Star Trek Into Darkness), será el héroe que permanezca entre el bien y el mal. Junto a la guerrera Sara (Jessica Chastain: The Martian, The Help) — la única mujer que ha capturado su corazón –– Eric ayudará a Freya a derrotar a la hermana de ésta o la maldad de Ravenna reinará hasta la eternidad.

La película también estará disponible en 4K Ultra HD™ en un paquete que incluye 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray™ y Digital HD con UltraViolet. El 4K Ultra HD TM incluirá los materiales adicionales en el disco de Blu-ray.

  • 4K Ultra HD™ es la mejor experiencia cinematográfica posible. 4K Ultra HD™ combina la resolución 4K para lograr una imagen cuatro veces más nítida que en HD, los colores brillantes del High Dynamic Range (HDR), y una experiencia sonora multidimensional gracias al audio envolvente.
  • Blu-ray™ cuenta con imagen de alta definición, con una calidad de sonido equiparable a la de una sala de cine y material adicional exclusivo.
  • DIGITAL HD con UltraViolet™ permite ver películas en cualquier parte, en cualquier aparato. Los usuarios pueden reproducir o descargar películas de forma instantánea para verlas en iPad®, iPhone®, Android™, televisiones inteligentes, reproductores con conexión Blu-ray™, consolas de juego y más.


  • Two Queens and Two Warriors – El verdadero corazón de The Huntsman: Winter’s War se halla en sus tres poderosas mujeres: Ravenna, Freya y Sara, la mujer perdida de Eric. Descubre cómo la fortaleza y la complejidad de los papeles de las protagonistas femeninas convirtió a Emily Blunt y Jessica Chastain en grandes estrellas emergentes y convenció a Charlize Theron para que interpretara de nuevo a Ravenna.
  • Meet the Dwarfs – Nion, interpretado por Nick Frost, y Gryff, interpretado por Rob Brydon, aportan cierto sentido de liviandad a esta divertida aventura — especialmente, una vez que conocen a sus compañeras femeninas. Explora la importancia que tienen los cuatro enanitos en la película y en los rodajes, donde los actores que les dieron vida dejaron momentos de diversión para todo el equipo incluso con las cámaras apagadas.
  • Magic All Around – Con raíces en la historia pero habitada por la magia, el mundo de The Huntsman: Winter’s War es un verdadero espectáculo visual. Síguenos y verás cómo se logró que la magia llegara hasta la pantalla. Desde el gélido hielo de Freya, pasando por los duendes dorados del bosque, podrás explorar los efectos visuales utilizados con un vistazo exclusivo detrás del telón.


  • Escenas Borradas con Comentarios
  • Tomas Falsas
  • Dressed To Kill – Colleen Atwood, diseñadora de vestuario y ganadora de un Premio de la Academia® , regresa para ayudar a reavivar el esplendor que en su día aportara a Snow White and The Huntsman. Con un festín visual, la belleza de sus disfraces se quedan a un paso de lo supernatural a la vez que ayudan a dar vida a los personajes.
  • Love Conquers All — Desde el entusiasmo contagioso del director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan a los lazos fraternales entre Emily Blunt y Charlize Theron, el plató de rodaje de The Huntsman: Winter’s War estuvo repleto de risas y vida. Los actores y artistas unieron su talento para crear un cuento de hadas sobre el poder puro del amor — y pasar momentos inolvidables en el camino.
  • Comentarios Especiales del director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan


Hashtag: #TheHuntsman #WintersWar



The X1 platform continues to revolutionize the sports and entertainment viewing experience.  And on June 2, the second annual Xfinity Summer of Soccer kicks off and will feature the two best international soccer tournaments of 2016 – Copa America Centenario and the UEFA EURO 2016.
X1 customers will have the best seat in the house with the new and exciting features that will forever change the way that people watch sports:

  • The X1 Sports App: By putting data, graphics and charts right on the same TV screen as the game, the X1 Sports App adds more personalization, interactivity and fun to the viewing experience. It will also include real-time stats on players and teams across both tournaments, as well as information on upcoming matches, recaps, and tournament standings.

  • Xfinity On Demand Soccer Hub: A specially curated section of Xfinity On Demand that includes a quick access to match replays and other news, commentary and special clips relevant to the day’s action from either of the tournaments and in both English and Spanish.

  • Instant On Demand: Spanish-speaking customers will have a unique opportunity to access all 32 Copa America matches shortly after the live broadcast begins (and throughout the rest of the tournament) via the X1 platform.

  • Voice Remote: The X1 Voice Remote gives viewers the power to search, find and navigate all of the summer’s soccer programming with the sound of their voice. Customers can say commands in English or Spanish like “Soccer,” or “Copa America” and it will re-direct them to all the content available for that search term.

  • Soccer On-the-go: Fans can live-stream all Copa America Centenario matches in Spanish through the Univision Deportes Network via the Xfinity TV Go app and website, as well as every UEFA EURO 2016 game in English and Spanish on ESPN and ESPN Deportes, respectively.

All summer long, the Xfinity Latino Entertainment Channel (XLEC) will offer special Summer of Soccer programming and up-to-the-minute updates, while the Xfinity Latino microsite ( will feature daily blogs and a special guide to Comcast’s soccer offerings in addition to links to all matches (In English and Spanish).
The Summer of Soccer brings a viewing experience that only Xfinity X1 can provide.



Comcast Cable has announced the promotion of Javier Garcia to Senior Vice President and General Manager of Multicultural Services. Javier directs, designs, and implements Comcast’s multicultural services vision and strategy across all Xfinity products. 

1[1]Since joining Comcast in late 2014, Javier and his team worked closely with the product team to lead the company’s bicultural transformation initiatives, including the launch of the X1 bicultural experience, a first of its kind TV viewing experience that gives bicultural families more choices in how they consume TV and movies in the home.

Prior to joining Comcast Cable, Javier served as the General Manager of Yahoo’s U.S. Hispanic business and led monetization, partnerships and operations for the company’s premium media, programmatic, and native advertising businesses. During his eight years there, he also served as the Senior Director of Marketing Solutions for Y! Hispanic Americas leading the organization responsible for digital branded entertainment and display advertising solutions in the region.

Javier holds an MBA from The Wharton School of Business, an MA in International Affairs from the University of Pennsylvania and a BS in Civil Engineering from Universidad de Los Andes (Colombia).



Since 2011, Internet Essentials has Connected 2.4 million Americans, or 600,000 low-income families, to the Internet at Home

PHILADELPHIA (March 24, 2016) — Comcast today announced a pilot program with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) ConnectHome initiative to attack the digital divide for public housing residents.  Eligibility for Internet Essentials, Comcast’s acclaimed, high-speed Internet adoption program, will be immediately extended to public housing residents in Miami-Dade County and the cities of Nashville, Philadelphia, and Seattle.  This is the eighth time in five years Comcast has expanded eligibility for Internet Essentials.

Also today, Comcast announced its latest Internet Essentials milestones.  In less than five years, the program has now connected more than 600,000 low-income families, benefitting more than 2.4 million Americans, to the Internet at home.  In fact, 2015 was the program’s single most successful year ever, with a 30 percent increase in enrollments over 2014.



Free Calls to Mobile Phones in Six Latin American Countries Added to International Plan

Free Calls to Mobile Phones in Six Latin American Countries Added to International Plan

Javier Garcia, Vice President and General Manager of Multicultural Services, Comcast Cable


When family and friends live abroad, keeping in touch can sometimes get expensive. Calling card costs and cell phone charges can add up quickly, so we’re always looking for ways to add value to our Xfinity Voice services.

Today we are improving one of our international long distance calling plans — Carefree Minutes Latin America 300 — by adding the ability to make calls to mobile phones in six countries: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and Venezuela. There are about 6 million Hispanic households in our service area, and we serve large Hispanic markets including Albuquerque, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Miami, Philadelphia, Sacramento, and San Francisco. Plus, we know research shows Hispanics over-index on mobile phone usage.

In addition to these new calling destinations, customers who have our Carefree Minutes Latin America 300 plan can already make five hours of calls a month to landlines in 17 Latin American countries, including: Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

The plan is just $9.95 more a month, and it is also included at no extra cost in select Xfinity Latino Triple Play packages.

Another upgrade to the plan includes discounted per-minute rates if customers go over the 300 minutes included. (Previously, the overage per-minute rate was at retail price.)

Our Xfinity Voice team will continue to look for ways to deliver value. We want to help connect our customers to whom and what they love in more ways than ever, for less money.


Se agregan llamadas gratis a teléfonos celulares en seis países latinoamericanos al plan internacional

Javier García, Vicepresidente y Director General de Servicios Multiculturales, Comcast Cable

Cuando la familia y los amigos viven en el extranjero, mantenerse en contacto a veces puede volverse costoso. El precio de las tarjetas telefónicas y los gastos de los teléfonos celulares terminan sumando rápidamente, por eso nosotros siempre buscamos maneras de agregar valor a nuestros servicios de Xfinity Voice.

Hoy, para mejorar uno de nuestros planes internacionales de llamadas de larga distancia —Carefree Minutes Latin America 300—, hemos añadido la posibilidad de realizar llamadas a teléfonos celulares en seis países: Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, República Dominicana y Venezuela. Nuestra área de servicio cubre aproximadamente seis millones de hogares de familias hispanas, y nuestros servicios llegan a mercados hispanos grandes entre los que se incluyen Albuquerque, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Miami, Filadelfia, Sacramento y San Francisco. Además, estamos al tanto de las investigaciones que muestran que los hispanos registran un índice muy elevado en el uso de telefonía móvil.

Además de estos nuevos destinos telefónicos, los clientes adheridos a nuestro plan Carefree Minutes Latin America 300 ya cuentan con cinco horas mensuales de llamadas a teléfonos fijos a diecisiete países latinoamericanos, entre los que se incluyen Argentina, Brasil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, República Dominicana, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panamá, Paraguay, Perú, Uruguay y Venezuela.

El plan cuesta sólo $9.95 más por mes, y también está incluido sin ningún costo adicional en los paquetes exclusivos de Xfinity Latino Triple Play.

Otra mejora es que hemos agregado descuentos en el precio por minuto cuando los clientes superan los 300 minutos que vienen incluidos en el plan (anteriormente, el costo total por minuto estaba a precio de venta al público).

Nuestro equipo de Xfinity Voice seguirá buscando modos de entregar valor. Queremos ayudar a que nuestros clientes se mantengan conectados con las personas y las cosas que aman de la mayor cantidad de maneras posibles, por menos dinero.




Free View 2015 Image

Xfinity TV Customers Get Two Weeks of Free Access to More than 3,500 Hours of Latino On Demand Programming from September 21 to October 4

Third Annual Event Includes More Content Available Across Platforms Than Ever Before, Ability to Navigate Content in English or Spanish

Comcast today announced the return of Xfinity Free View Latino, a two week all-access pass to discover and enjoy thousands of hours of the best Latino entertainment available in the U.S. for free on Xfinity On Demand. Xfinity Free View Latino will take place from September 21 through October 4 and will be available to all Xfinity TV customers across platforms, on Xfinity On Demand, and on the Xfinity TV Go app.

This year, with more than 3,500 hours and more than 5,000 On Demand content choices in Spanish and English from premium, cable and broadcast networks, Xfinity TV customers will have access to the biggest selection of entertainment options yet.

This year’s programming highlights include:

  • Early access to the premieres of new series before they air live, including the first three episodes of Telemundo’s Celia, based on the Hispanic music icon Celia Cruz, the special premiere episode of Los Milagros de Jesus (MundoMax), Magnifica 70 (HBO Latino), the first episode of Fluffy Breaks Even, a new reality series from Fuse starring comedian Gabriel Iglesias, as well as Nina’s World (Sprout) in Spanish. And, Xfinity customers will have the chance to view the upcoming season finale of Allá Te Espero (RCN Nuestra) before it airs on Nuestra Tele.
  • Complete series such as NBC UNIVERSO’s celeb-reality hit, Larrymania, as well as the cult favorite From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series from El Rey, based on the movie by Robert Rodriguez.
  • Now available to Xfinity TV customers, ENCORE ESPAÑOL ON DEMAND features a new U.S. Spanish Language film premiere every month including the Mexican blockbuster hit Nosotros Los Nobles, as well as Oscar-winner Frida and Oscar-nominated Biutiful. With more than 300 movies available in total, the event will also feature Salvando al Soldado Perez from Cinelatino, La Vida Precoz y Breve de Sabina Rivas from Viendomovies and Hollywood hits in Spanish from Cine Sony such as Just Go With It and The Vow.
  • Full series of popular telenovelas such as MundoMax’s La Guerrera and Telemundo’s El Señor de los Cielos 3, La Reina del Sur & El Clón from Streampix, among others. 

“Xfinity is the best place to consume your favorite Spanish or English language entertainment on demand across devices, at home or on the go. With Xfinity Free View Latino, our customers have the opportunity to enjoy the most anticipated series before they air on TV and also discover the great selection of on demand programming,” said Javier Garcia, Vice President and General Manager, Multicultural Services for Comcast Cable.  “In addition, with the recent announcement of the X1 Spanish Guide, Spanish-speaking X1 customers will have the option to discover all the great Free View Latino content in the language of their choice.”

For more details on Xfinity Free View Latino including the full programming list, please visit to sort through the thousands of hours of content available and check the Xfinity Latino Entertainment Channel daily for recommendations on what to watch, or join the conversation on and using hashtag #FreeViewLatino. Content availability may vary across platforms. For more information on the Xfinity Latino Entertainment channel, Multilatino packages and Xfinity On Demand, please visit Comcast has had a longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion since its founding nearly 50 years ago and focuses its efforts in five key areas: diversity in governance, attracting and retaining a multicultural workforce, developing a diverse supplier base, offering a wide selection of multicultural programming, and community investment in national, regional and local diverse organizations. For more background on diversity and inclusion at Comcast please visit

X1 En Español: Xfinity Customers Can Now Access First-Ever Spanish-Language TV Interface

X1 En Español: Xfinity Customers Can Now Access First-Ever Spanish-Language TV Interface
By: Javier Garcia

Today the majority of U.S. Hispanics consider themselves bicultural– with 55 percent identifying as a mix of both Latino and American. This is impacting the types of entertainment they watch in the home and according to Horowitz Research, it’s more about cultural relevance of programming than language. However, Spanish is still the predominant spoken language in bicultural homes, as it remains a component of family culture long after English proficiency is gained.

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re making some changes to our next-generation X1 platform designed to offer bicultural Hispanics an immersive viewing experience centered on language choice and greater flexibility to discover and watch their favorite programming.

First and foremost, we’re thrilled to announce that the X1 interface is now available in both Spanish and English. This new experience lets our Latino customers find and discover their favorite programming in the language of their choice and helps bridge the content divide for millions of Spanish-speaking households within the Comcast service area.

And we’re not stopping there. When the interface is set to Spanish, our voice remote will soon be updated to recognize commands spoken in this language, so our Spanish-dominant customers can more easily navigate the guide and find programming. We’ve also added new features and filters within the guide, including one-touch access to turn on/off the SAP feed via the video toolbar, to help viewers more easily discover Spanish-language and SAP-enabled content available on Xfinity On Demand.

And just in time for the start of soccer season, we’ve significantly updated our X1 Sports app to track more soccer leagues and will soon add an “Extras” experience that allows soccer fans to follow the game and stay updated with all the latest in-depth stats and analysis right on the TV screen.

We are constantly innovating to build products and services that change the way people consume entertainment and communicate, and encourage our Latino customers to get in on the action today by accessing the programming of their choice, wherever and whenever they want, in whichever language they prefer.










Navigation App Gives Drivers the Fastest Route
To Locate Free Furious 7 Merchandise in Seven Cities


Universal City, California, August 25, 2015 –Universal Pictures Home Entertainment (UPHE) is leveraging Waze (, the real-time crowd sourced navigation app, to promote the home entertainment release of global blockbuster Furious 7. “Get your Furious 7 Fix Fast” is a first-of-its-kind promotion that will allow Waze users in seven cities to find Prizing Pit Stops giving away free Furious 7 merchandise. UPHE will release Furious 7 on Digital HD starting today and on Blu-ray, DVD and On Demand on September 15.

From today through September 17, Waze will display scheduled messages announcing the release of Furious 7 on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD in seven participating markets. On one day in each market, Waze users can also find directions to pop-up venues where street teams will be distributing free Furious 7 branded T-shirts, hats, license-plate frames, and a limited number of digital codes to download the film on Digital HD, among other items. Each Prizing Pit Stop will operate while supplies last for up to 90 minutes and then move on to two other spots throughout the day.

Prizing Pit Stops will take place on the following days:

Friday, Sept 11:  Portland & Dallas

Monday, Sept 14: San Francisco & Washington, D.C.

Tuesday, Sept 15: New York & Los Angeles

Thursday, Sept 17: Chicago

The promotion, which marks the first time Waze has partnered with a home entertainment distributor, will be supported by local cable and radio mentions in the participating markets and through Waze’s social media posts.

“We’re excited to team with Waze, one of the top navigation apps, to excite fans for the release of Furious 7,” said John Morici, UPHE Managing Director, US & Canada. “This is an innovative promotion that uniquely engages audiences with an app that has become indispensable to millions of commuters.”

About Furious 7

Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson lead the returning cast across the globe in the Extended Edition of their most gravity-defying and emotional adventure yet. Targeted by a cold-blooded black-ops assassin with a score to settle (Jason Statham), their only hope is to get behind the wheel again and secure an ingenious prototype tracking device. Facing their greatest threat yet in places as far away as Abu Dhabi and as familiar as the Los Angeles streets they call home, the crew must come together once again as a team, and as a family, to protect their own.

About Waze

Waze is the social navigation pioneer, leveraging mobile technology and a passionate global community to redefine expectations of today’s maps. Waze is home to the world’s largest network of drivers who work together daily to outsmart traffic and save time and money. The app consistently recommends the fastest routes based on real-time driving and data from more than 50 million users. From traffic reroutes to low gas price alerts and relevant offers from favorite brands, Waze is one of the most comprehensive driving companions in the marketplace. To download the free Waze app for iOS or Android, visit

About Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment (UPHE) is a unit of Universal Pictures, a division of Universal Studios ( Universal Studios is a part of NBCUniversal, one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies in the development, production, and marketing of entertainment, news, and information to a global audience. NBCUniversal owns and operates a valuable portfolio of news and entertainment television networks, a premier motion picture company, significant television production operations, a leading television stations group, world-renowned theme parks, and a suite of leading Internet-based businesses. NBCUniversal is a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation.


Comcast also doubles Internet speed and offers Wi-Fi at no additional cost

Comcast today announced several significant enhancements and milestones for Internet Essentials, the nation’s largest and most comprehensive high-speed Internet adoption program.  The company said it plans to conduct a pilot program for low-income senior citizens in Palm Beach County, and is doubling the service’s download Internet speed and providing a Wi-Fi router for no additional cost.

Now entering its fifth year, Internet Essentials has connected more than 275,000 low-income Floridians to online access at home, of which more than 182,000 live in the South Florida area. However disparities in Internet connectivity rates continue to persist and for the senior population the digital divide is wide.  According to Pew Research Center, just 47 percent, or less than half, of seniors (aged 65 and older) have high-speed Internet at home.  But when it comes to income level, only 25 percent of seniors with household incomes below $30,000 have home broadband, compared to 82 percent of seniors with household incomes at or above $75,000.

“We have made significant progress toward closing the digital divide for low-income parents and children across the country.  In less than four years, Internet Essentials has connected more than 500,000 families, or more than 2 million low-income Americans, to the power of the Internet at home,” said David L. Cohen, Comcast Corporation Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer.  “With the increase in the program’s Internet speeds and the addition of Wi-Fi, these families will have even easier access to the Internet and its life-changing resources for education, employment, healthcare, communication, and entertainment.”

The Internet Essentials pilot program for senior citizens is designed to better tackle the unique challenges of helping low-income seniors cross the digital divide and learn how to use the Internet. The first senior pilot program will take place in Palm Beach County, where Cohen was joined by City of West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio, Palm Beach County School District Superintendent Dr. Robert Avossa, and Urban League of Palm Beach County President and CEO Patrick J. Franklin to make the announcements.

“Senior citizens can be an afterthought when it comes to addressing digital literacy and use of the Internet,” said Franklin.  “However, the Internet has a tremendous power to help change their lives for the better by tearing down the walls that geography may have put between them and the ones they love.  It can also help restore a sense of community and inclusion, bonds that can weaken as we grow older.”

Comcast also announced it is doubling the speed for Internet Essentials to 10 Mbps downstream, which is enough to power multiple devices simultaneously. This is the third time in four years Comcast has increased speeds for customers. In addition, by offering Wi-Fi routers, customers will be able to connect any Internet-enabled device, such as a tablets or smartphone, which could help save money on monthly wireless bills.

To receive the faster Internet speed, customers simply need to reboot their cable modems.  Existing customers who would like a Wi-Fi router just need to call the dedicated call center and either request to have one shipped to them for free, or they can schedule a professional installation, also for no additional cost.  New customers will have the option to receive a Wi-Fi router when they sign up.

Internet Essentials Investments

In 2014, Comcast launched four new Internet Essentials Digital Learning Zones in South Florida at ASPIRA, Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade, Chapman Partnership and Overtown Youth Center (OYC), which provide additional opportunities for low-income students and families to access the Internet and receive digital literacy training.    Comcast aims to help complete the continuum of connectivity, in which students spend the school day in wired classroom, stay connected after school in Internet Essentials Learning Zones and end their days connected at home, where families have online access through the Internet Essentials program. Comcast has dedicated $1 million in grants to create these zones across the country.

Through a partnership with The Urban League of Palm Beach County, Comcast offers a Digital Connectors Program that provides digital literacy training for students in Palm Beach County. Almost 60 low-income local youth have graduated from the program, which was launched in 2007.

Through Internet Essentials, Comcast has invested more than $240 million in cash and in-kind support to help fund digital literacy and readiness training and education, reaching nearly 3.2 million people through national and local non-profit community partners.  Through the end of June 2015, Comcast has:

  • Provided more than 41,000 subsidized computers at less than $150 each.
  • Distributed for free nearly 46 million Internet Essentials program materials.
  • Broadcast more than 7 million public service announcements, valued at more than $90 million.
  • Welcomed more than 3.5 million visitors to the Internet Essentials websites in English and Spanish and its Online Learning Center.
  • Fielded more than 3.2 million phone calls to our Internet Essentials call center.
  • Offered Internet Essentials to nearly 48,000 schools and 5,000 school districts, in 39 states and the District of Columbia.
  • Partnered with thousands of community-based organizations, government agencies, and federal, state, and local elected officials to spread the word.

Follow all the news about Comcast Florida on Facebook at and on Twitter @ComcastFL


La Compañía Agrega a México a su Plan de Llamadas Más Popular Sin Costo Adicional

Xfinity Voice

Comcast anunció que agregó a México a su plan de llamadas más popular, Xfinity Voice Unlimited, un cambio que se ofrece sin costo adicional y que brinda a los usuarios la posibilidad de ahorrar cientos de dólares cada año. A partir de hoy los clientes pueden hacer llamadas ilimitadas desde dentro o fuera de su hogar a teléfonos fijos o móviles en el territorio mexicano. El servicio ahora también se extiende a India, China, Hong Kong, Singapur y Corea del Sur, además de las otras seis regiones ya incluidas fuera de Estados Unidos.

Este nuevo plan se encuentra disponible hoy en la División Central de Comcast que incluye mercados importantes como Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Miami y Nashville. La próxima semana estará disponible en la División Noreste de la Compañía – que incluye 14 estados, desde Maine hasta Virginia y el Distrito de Columbia – y ya para finales del mes de agosto estará disponible para todos los demás clientes de Comcast. 

Los hispanos de origen mexicano, representan el 64% de la comunidad hispanoparlante de Estados Unidos, además constituyen el 57,6% y el 79% de las poblaciones hispanas de Atlanta y Chicago. Otras ciudades de Estados Unidos con una importante presencia hispana, tienen a su vez un gran porcentaje de personas de origen mexicano entre las cuales se encuentran McAllen (97,7%), El Paso (95,6%), Fresno (94,1%), San Antonio (89,6%), Denver (81,1%), Houston (77,5%), San Francisco (69.5%), Atlanta (57,6%), Washington DC (16,3%), y Orlando (13,9%). 

Es importante mantenerse en contacto con familiares y amigos sin consideraciones geográficas.  Pero a veces hasta las conversaciones telefónicas más breves pueden resultar muy caras”, expresó Patti Loyack, Vicepresidente de Comunicaciones de Comcast Cable.  “Esperamos que los cambios que estamos realizando en Xfinity Voice Unlimited ayuden a más personas a mantenerse conectadas por menos dinero”.

En la actualidad los norteamericanos gastan miles de millones de dólares en cargos por llamadas internacionales desde teléfonos móviles y millones más en tarjetas para hacer llamadas internacionales. Los datos de la Federal Communications Commission (Comisión Federal de Comunicaciones) demuestran que muchas de estas llamadas son a la India, México y Canadá. 

Comcast ofrece servicios telefónicos a más de 11 millones de clientes y casi la totalidad de sus clientes telefónicos residenciales están suscritos al plan Xfinity Voice Unlimited.  Además de los cinco nuevos países que se agregaron hoy, el plan ya ofrece llamadas ilimitadas a Canadá, Puerto Rico, Guam, Islas Marianas del Norte, las Islas Vírgenes de Estados Unidos y Samoa Americana, alcanzando un total de aproximadamente la mitad de la población mundial.  Xfinity Voice Unlimited también incluye servicios como identificación de llamadas en diversos dispositivos, llamada entre tres y llamada en espera.

Las llamadas internacionales ilimitadas son sólo una de las formas en que Xfinity Voice ahorra dinero a sus clientes.  Con la aplicación Xfinity Connect app los clientes pueden utilizar hasta cuatro números telefónicos virtuales para hacer y recibir llamadas y mensajes de texto gratis desde un teléfono inteligente, tableta, o dispositivo con conexión Wi-Fi.  Esta función permite ahorrar dinero en la factura de telefonía móvil y en cargos internacionales durante viajes al extranjero.  A través de esta aplicación los clientes también pueden revisar su email, leer o escuchar el correo de voz de su hogar, así como tener acceso a sus contactos.



Company Adds Five New Countries to Most Popular Calling Plan For No Additional Cost; Mexico, India, China, Singapore, and South Korea Now Included

Xfinity Voice

Comcast today announced it added five new countries to its most popular home phone plan Xfinity Voice Unlimited a change that comes at no additional cost and has the potential to save users hundreds of dollars each year.

These changes allow customers to place unlimited calls from home or on the go to mobile and landline phones in Mexico, India, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea, in addition to the six regions outside the United States already included.

The updated plan is available today in Comcast’s Central Division, which includes major markets like Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, and Nashville.

Next week, it will be offered in the company’s Northeast Division, which includes 14 states from Maine to Virginia and the District of Columbia, and it will be available to remaining Comcast customers by the end of August.

Hispanics of Mexican heritage, who represent 64% of the U.S. Hispanic population, make up 57.6% and 79% of Atlanta and Chicago’s populations, respectively. Other U.S. cities with large Mexican populations include McAllen (97.7%), El Paso (95.6%), Fresno (94.1%), San Antonio (89.6%), Denver (81.1%), Houston (77.5%), San Francisco (69.5%), Atlanta (57.6%), Washington D.C. (16.3%), and Orlando (13.9%).

“Staying in touch with family and friends is important, regardless of geography. But sometimes even the shortest phone conversations can get expensive,” Patti Loyack, Vice President of Communications, Comcast Cable, said. “We hope the changes we’re making to Xfinity Voice Unlimited helps more people stay connected for less money.”

Americans spend billions of dollars on cell phone charges related to international calling and millions more on worldwide calling cards. Data from the  Federal Communications Commission shows that many of these calls go to India, Mexico, and Canada.

Comcast has more than 11 million phone customers, and nearly all of its residential phone customers subscribe to the Xfinity Voice Unlimited plan. In addition to the five new countries being added today, the plan already allows unlimited calling to Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands, and American Samoa, totaling nearly half of the world’s population. Xfinity Voice Unlimited also includes features like caller ID across multiple devices, three-way calling, and call waiting.

Unlimited international calling is just one way Xfinity Voice saves people money. With the Xfinity Connect app, people can use up to four virtual phone numbers to make and receive calls and texts for free from a smartphone, tablet, or device connected to Wi-Fi. This feature helps save money on wireless bills and on international charges when traveling abroad. Customers can also check email, read or listen to home voicemail, and access contacts through the app.

The terms of service for Xfinity Voice Unlimited are available here.

About Comcast Cable:
Comcast Cable is the nation’s largest video, high-speed Internet and phone provider to residential customers under the XFINITY brand and also provides these services to businesses.  Comcast has invested in technology to build an advanced network that delivers among the fastest broadband speeds, and brings customers personalized video, communications and home management offerings.  Comcast Corporation (Nasdaq: CMCSA, CMCSK) is a global media and technology company.

Visit for more information.

Xfinity’s Summer of Soccer

Calling all SOCCER FANS!!

Mexico's defender Rafael Marquez celebrates after scoring the 0-1 during a Group A football match between Croatia and Mexico at the Pernambuco Arena in Recife during the 2014 FIFA World Cup on June 23, 2014. AFP PHOTO / YURI CORTEZ
Mexico’s defender Rafael Marquez celebrates after scoring the 0-1 during a Group A football match between Croatia and Mexico at the Pernambuco Arena in Recife during the 2014 FIFA World Cup on June 23, 2014. AFP PHOTO / YURI CORTEZ

Get ready for Xfinity’s Summer of Soccer where you’ll be able to watch all the action any time, any place with more ways to experience the action across all devices and platforms than ever before. Imagine seeing goal-to-goal coverage of the most anticipated international soccer tournaments of 2015! Copa America, the Gold Cup and more is at the tip of your fingers!

Experience all the action of 50+ games with these details below:

Xfinity Latino Entertainment Channel (XLEC) will provide customers direct links to matches and simulcasts of the opening match of America’s Cup in Spanish on June 11 and Mexico v Bolivia on June 12 from beIN SPORTS.

Xfinity is giving you more ways to watch the summer’s hottest soccer tournaments, FIFA Women’s World Cup, America’s Cup, and the Gold Cup anytime, anywhere, in Spanish and English via Xfinity TV Go.

Xfinity presents the Summer of Soccer with live coverage of this summer’s hottest tournaments of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, America’s Cup, and the Gold Cup via Xfinity TV Go app!

Xfinity is providing you America’s Cup opening match and Mexico’s first game versus Bolivia for free on the XLEC from beIN SPORTS.

Don’t miss America’s Cup opening match on June 11 (USA v Chile) and Mexico vs Bolivia on June 12 for free from Xfinity TV, whenever, wherever!

World-class soccer action featuring Copa America (26 total matches), and the Gold Cup (26 total matches) available in Spanish and English for next day viewing via Xfinity on Demand.

In addition to live coverage of every match, fans can also stream on the go both in Spanish and English.

Copa America: beIN SPORTS will live stream every match of the Copa America in both English
and Spanish to Xfinity TV customers via Xfinity TV Go.

Gold Cup: All matches in Spanish and English will be accessible via XFINITY TV Go; either directly within the experience or through seamless access to one of Univision’s TVE properties or
FOX Sports Go.

Visit for direct access to live streams of matches from all three of the tournaments, updates, soccer blogs, daily lineup of upcoming matches as well as cross-platform tools to remote tune to a live match of On Demand asset and set a DVR recording.

Xfinity Delivers Ultimate Fan Experience as Lead Sponsor of Taylor Swift’s U.S. Tour

Taylor Swift 2


Comcast’s XFINITY Brand Becomes Lead Sponsor of All U.S. Tour Dates

 Customers Get Access to Behind-The-Scenes Videos, Plus Chances to Win Tickets, Meet & Greets, Backstage Tours, and Tour Merchandise


Comcast today announced that the company’s Xfinity brand will become the lead sponsor of Taylor Swift’sThe 1989 World Tour, offering its customers benefits such as access to behind-the-scenes video footage from tour rehearsals as well as the chance to meet the seven-time Grammy winner and win backstage tours, tour merchandise and concert tickets.

Xfinity will become the lead sponsor of all U.S. tour dates on The 1989 World Tour, starting on May 20 in Bossier City, LA and ending on October 31 in Tampa, FL.

“Taylor Swift is a global superstar and her fans have an unrivaled passion for everything she touches,” said Todd Arata, VP, Brand Marketing, Comcast Cable. “And now, Xfinity and Taylor Swift are coming together to bring Taylor fans an experience they can’t get anywhere else.”

As a part of the sponsorship, Xfinity will build an unprecedented Xfinity On Demand experience including videos that give viewers a backstage pass to what goes into preparing for each show of The 1989 World Tour. Customers also will get On-Demand access to a curated collection of movies, TV shows and talk show appearances featuring Taylor as well her music videos.

“Throughout the tour we’ll also surprise fans with ticket giveaways, signed merchandise and more,  including a lip sync competition among fans for the chance to meet Taylor herself,” added Arata.

At each U.S. concert venue, Xfinity will host a backstage “vibe room” where select Xfinity customers and concertgoers will have an opportunity to go on backstage tours and attend a meet-and-greet with Taylor. At select tour locations, the brand will also create an “Xfinity Zone,” where concertgoers will have an opportunity to experience the best of Xfinity, including the X1 Entertainment Operating System. Visitors can also have fun with a photo booth that enables fans’ photos to be super-imposed onto backgrounds featuring the singer.

Xfinity is Comcast’s residential service brand and the nation’s largest video and high-speed Internet provider and more information about the Taylor Swift sponsorship can be found at



About Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is the only artist in history to have three albums selling over one million copies in their first week of release (2010’s Speak Now, 2012’s RED and 2014’s 1989), is the all-time leader on RIAA’s digital singles chart, the only artist to have two singles hit No. 1 on Billboards HOT 100 Chart in 2014 and 1989 was the highest selling album of 2014, to date selling over seven million albums worldwide. Taylor, a seven-time GRAMMY winner, is a singer, songwriter and the youngest winner in history of the music industry’s highest honor, the GRAMMY Award for Album of the Year and the inaugural recipient of AMA’s Dick Clark Award for Excellence.

Taylor has an album on Rolling Stone’s prestigious The 50 Greatest Albums of All Time (by women) list, she is Billboard’s youngest-ever Woman of the Year and the only artist to have been awarded this honor twice, Time magazine has named her one the of the 100 Most Influential People in the world and one of only eight candidates for their most prestigious honor, 2014 Person of the Year. Taylor has career record sales of over 40 million albums and more than 130 million song downloads worldwide, and has had singles top the pop and country radio charts around the globe. 1989 sold almost 1.3 million copies in the U.S. in its first week making it the highest selling album release since 2002 and the only album to go platinum in 2014, topping Billboard’s Top 200 charts and iTunes’ sales charts in 97 countries on its release. 1989 has sold seven million copies globally and continues to top Billboard Top 200.  Her current No. 1 single, “Style,” is the third consecutive chart-topping release from 1989.


About Comcast Corporation:

Comcast Corporation (Nasdaq: CMCSA, CMCSK) is a global media and technology company with two primary businesses, Comcast Cable and NBCUniversal. Comcast Cable is the nation’s largest video, high-speed Internet and phone provider to residential customers under the XFINITY brand and also provides these services to businesses. NBCUniversal operates news, entertainment and sports cable networks, the NBC and Telemundo broadcast networks, television production operations, television station groups, Universal Pictures and Universal Parks and Resorts. Visit for more information.