Day 2 of My Favorite Things



Another one of my favorite things is my heritage.

I’ve been lucky enough to have been born into two very different cultures. My father was born in Havana, Cuba and my mother is of Irish descent.

There are so many things to love about each side!

Celebrating Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) every year with family and friends is definitely a highlight for me.  On the opposite side of the spectrum, having corned beef and cabbage to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is also a lot of fun!

It’s incredible to think that I have one side of the family who doesn’t speak a word of Spanish, and the other side who can either speak both OR only Spanish.  It’s always a learning experience, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  🙂

The Following – “Reunion” – On Air Review



Join Variety Radio Online hosts Mike, Amy and Kristin as they discuss the Monday night episode of THE FOLLOWING. In tonight’s show – they’ll discuss highlights of the episode “Reunion” that aired on Monday, 3/30/15 on FOX.


The Following – “Reunion” – On Air Review



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