Day 4 of My Favorite Things


For Day 4 of my list of favorite things, I’m going with Writing.

I’ve had a passion for writing ever since I can remember.  It’s a way for me to express myself in a way that words can’t.  Have you ever written a letter to someone that you knew you weren’t going to send?

Writing can be considered a healthy way to vent, and even give your thoughts physical release.

My love for writing has also driven me to choose Journalism as my major at school.  I’m lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to write blog reviews of TV shows for a site called Variety Radio Online as well.

Try it!  Go out and get yourself a journal!  You’ll thank me later!  🙂


Short Film – ‘ Super Zero’


Hey peeps!!  So I was asked to check out this short film called ‘Super Zero’ and I did.  It’s got zombies in it AND a great message, believe it or not.  That being said, I’m sharing it with you all!  Watch it, love it and pass it on to your friends!  Also check out the links below the video for more information.   🙂

For a comic book-loving, hashtag-hating gamer, the rise of the undead isn’t actually the biggest of his worries. See what happens when you harness the power of your own awesomeness in this mash up of sci fi zombie superhero fun .


Starring Umberto Celisano Giselle Gilbert Al Bernstein Tyler White and with a cameo by Bobak Ferdowsi.