Day 5 of My Favorite Things


My post yesterday mentioned that I’d gotten a tattoo of a claddagh and my mother’s maiden name.  This leads me to my next favorite thing…TATTOOS!!

I’m all about self expression and art, so the fact that you can display this on your body is interesting to me.  I have 6 tattoos at the moment, and am actually thinking about my 7th.

It upsets me when I hear about employers judging prospective employees based on whether or not they have tattoos.  I’m about to be 31 years old, I work full time, attend school online, work for an awesome website (Variety Radio Online), I don’t drink or smoke…but I’m tattooed.  Does that make me a horrible person? Uhhh…NO! 🙂

So before judging someone who has tattoos, take a moment to ask what they mean to that person.  My claddagh tattoo with my mother’s maiden name is a constant reminder of how I was raised with amazing grandparents and I wear it proudly!