SHINE brings actor David Zayas memories of the New York culture

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Actor David Zayas find “Shine” gives an authentic view of New York while it puts the culture of the streets of New York prominently against the destruction gentrification brings.

With “Shine” coming to theaters October 5, Zayas finds that the music and story drive a message of balancing tradition and culture with modernization and improvement.

As an actor with a long list of film and TV credits, Zayas saw that “Shine” was well written by Anthony Nardolillo and an exciting story.

Zayas thought that the story resonated with him because it brought back memories of growing up in New York and how proud the Hispanics of New York are of their culture. Some of the scenes of the movie were filmed in neighborhoods that he grew up in.

“Shine” gave Zayas the opportunity to step away from darker roles he has played, and is known for, to take on a role which has heart and which he said he was honored to get to play.

The film co-stars Gilbert Saldivar and Jorge Burgos. Zayas said that the two actors were respectful and worked hard to give the best performance they possibly could.

Find out more about “Shine,” David Zayas and the cast of the movie in September’s issue of Thisfunktional Magazine.

In Theaters Oct. 5


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