Valentine’s Day with Our Furry Friends! #ZooMoo

zoomers (3)

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and ZooMoo, the first ever interactive kids channel devoted entirely to animals and nature, wants you to celebrate!

We want to foster a lifelong love for animals and nature, so here are 10 different ways to include our wonderful fur friends of the world on this lovely day:

  1. Visit your local area Zoo 

    Watch ‘Zoomoo’s Got Brains’ where Rory the Tiger will tell you about all the amazing animals you will see!

  2. Take your dog for two walks today 

    Take pictures of the beautiful things you’ll see, watch Flash do the same for some inspiration!

  3. Cook your fur friend a nice meal 

    You can also use the Zoomoo App to feed more cute animals on your tablet and phone!

  4. Gift your fur friend a new toy 

    Ninja Gorilla can give you awesome ideas!

  5. Help different organizations that work to eliminate animal extinction 

    See your friend Flash go around the world in Lost, where he shows you some of these wonderful animals that really need our help!

  6. Adopt a pet You can also adopt a virtual friend on your tablet or phone!
  7. Volunteer at your local shelter 

    ZooMoo wants children and adults to care for animals and these guys here really need some love!

  8. Offer to foster a pet for a certain amount of time 

    Animals can become your best friends.

  9. Treat your pet or virtual friend to a nice day grooming session 
  10. Teach your pet a new trick

    Pets are incredibly smart, watch ZooMoo to see just what they can do!





Don’t forget ZooMoo is now available in the U.S. and is exclusively on DIRECTV!

ZooMoo loves animals and we’re ready to share that love with the world! Teaching your kids how to love and respect animals is an important part of their growth. That’s why ZooMoo is designed to foster a lifelong love for animals and nature through a safe and unique television experience that is both entertaining and educational for young viewers and parents alike!

ZooMoo interweaves puppetry, animation, and the world’s best natural history footage available in HD to tell stories about the animal world. On the multimedia front, it also offers a free downloadable companion app that when synced with the channel, enhances the interactivity by also turning smartphones and tablets into an extension of what’s on the TV screen.


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